This Professional Photographer Took Pictures of Her Own Child's Birth – See the Stunning Photos

This mom is already multi-tasking.

By: Amanda Mushro

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Pregnant women are often encouraged to create a birthing plan that lets doctors and midwives know how they envision their baby coming into the world. However, one mom had a specific goal in mind —to capture the moment her son was born on camera. She also wanted to be the one that took the pictures.

Megan Mattiuzzo is a wedding photographer in Hamburg, New York and, when she was pregnant with her firstborn son Easton, she knew she wanted those precious first moments of her son’s life to be documented on camera. Even though she has a number of photographer friends who offered to do the job, the soon-to-be mom wanted to be the one behind the camera. Talk about a multi-tasking mamma!

“Yes, I documented my own birth,” Mattiuzzo captioned the series of photos. “Since I got pregnant, I knew I wanted just one photo… of his first breath!”

However, Mattiuzzo wasn’t sure if she would get the photos she was dreaming of because her epidural became faulty during labor.

“My pain level at the end was over my limit,” Mattiuzzo said. “I grab my light (as we say in the business lol) between two contractions and then Ryan handed me the camera the [minute] they said that last push would be the one.”

After twelve hours of labor and one final push, “he came out crying but calmed so much down they made him cry again to make sure he was O.K. He has proved to be a very calm baby who is dealing with some breathing issues but is a trooper."

Between contractions, Mattiuzzo requested that the lights in the room be dimmed, and she even balanced her camera on her belly in preparation.

Mattiuzzo shared the stunning photos online and we got to see her view of the baby just mere moments after his birth – as well as the doctors that welcomed little Easton into the world.

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“If I do it for other people, why wouldn’t I do it for my own family?” Mattiuzzo told The Buffalo News.

The photo series went viral – obviously – with plenty of commenters sending well wishes and expressing their amazement about how Mattuizzo pulled off this feat.

Congrats to the new mom and baby Easton. We have a feeling this little guy has a lifetime of amazing pictures ahead of him.

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