Experts Say These Are the Biggest Baby Name Trends for 2024

From Cobain and Aire to Darwin, are one of these baby names on your favorites list?

By: Amanda Mushro

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Photo by: Gary S Chapman

Gary S Chapman

Just like hairstyles, nail colors, and home decor, a new year means it’s time for new trends. And one trend we love to follow is baby names. So, if you are expecting a little one this year and need some inspiration for their moniker, why not turn to the experts to see which names we will all be hearing on the playgrounds very soon. From Barbie to STEM, parents are looking everywhere for baby names this year.

According to the experts at Nameberry, the most popular trends for baby names for 2024 are less about the actual names and more about the "namers" — the parents who are choosing the name. What does that mean? Instead of just choosing a name that sounds nice, parents are really looking for names that express their family’s values and identities as well as thinking about a name that works for a baby and an adult.

"Today's parents are fixated on sending the right messages with the names they choose," says Nameberry creator Pamela Redmond. "The perfect baby name for 2024 is one that is ahead of the style curve, personally significant, and identity-defining."

Here are a few of the trends that Nameberry believes will inspire parents this year.

Girl Names for Boys

Instead of the trends using a boy's name for a girl, Nameberry says watch for a flip this year. Traditional girls' names will begin gaining popularity for boys. Names like Hazel, Carmen, Blair, and Rose are a few suggestions Nameberry gives.

Iconic Music Names

Music lovers will adore this trend. From lead singers, guitar players, and iconic bands. Parents can show some love to their favorite musicians. Think Cobain, Lennon, Jovi, and Stevie.

STEM Names

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are such an important part of our lives and will be even more influential for younger generations. It makes sense that baby’s names would take a nod from this field. Darwin, Vela, Meridian, and Hutton.

Feminine Feminist Names

Has the Barbie phenomenon spilled into baby naming? The folks at Nameberry say yes! "The new feminist baby names are equally feminine in unexpected ways." Look for baby announcements with names like Dorthea, Matilda, Melrose, and Theodora.

Baby Men and Women

This trend reminds parents that you are naming a future adult, not just a baby. So, skip the cute and immature names that won’t match an adult’s personality. A few names to consider, Duncan, Florence, Arthur, and Sylvia.

Gentle Baby Names

Along with the gentle parenting trend and names that match this style of parenting. Think Willa, Reha, Ansel, and Asa.

Atmospheric Names

Reach for the stars and find inspiration there for this trend. Names that are light, airy, and a nod to the sky, weather and stars will be popular this year. Look for names like Lumi, Sol, Solimar, and Azure.

Names Ending in -ai

For this trend, any name that ends in -ai will be a fan favorite. Think Lorelai, Cai, Marsai, and Khai.

Natural Glamour

Nameberry experts say this trend, "The natural glamour names coming into fashion are earthier, clunkier choices with patina. These names are classy, but in a subtle way." Guy, Estelle, Vera, and Torin are a few names from this trend.

Main Character Energy

Choose a name that is powerful, daring, and deserves to be the main character. These names come from films, books, and favorite TV shows. Think Esmeralda, Neo, Thaddeus, and Marigold.


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