Irish Baby Names for Your Wee Lass or Lad

From traditional to unique, these Irish baby names are great options for your little one.

By: Amanda Mushro

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Little girl

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Nearly 32 million people identify as Irish-American, and while we may know a little about Ireland’s fascinating history and culture, we do know that Americans love Irish baby names. If you want to honor your Irish heritage or you just love the sound of Gaelic and Celtic names, here are 25 Irish baby names for your little "wean."

  • Saoirse: A girl’s name that is pronounced "sur-shuh" and means "freedom."
  • Aven: This girl’s name means "fair radiance."
  • Teagen: This gender-neutral Irish name means "beautiful" and is a lovely option for your babe.
  • Aideen: For your firey little girl, this name means "little fire."
  • Sorcha: This girl’s name means "brightness" and is pronounced "sor-ka."
  • Dempsey: This Irish boy’s name means "proud."
  • Tierney: This name comes from the surname O Tiarnaigh or Ni Thiarnaigh and has been used for both boys and girls
  • Lir: Feeling inspired by the ocean? This boy’s name means "sea."
  • Eilley: How sweet is this one? This girl's name means "beautiful bird" and is pronounced "ee-lee."
  • Maeve, Mebd, or Mave: Multiple spellings for a girl’s name that means "she who rules" and is pronounced "mayv."
  • Dermot: A dashing boy’s name that means "free from envy."
  • Mahon: Perfect for a Mama Bear, this boy’s name means "son of a bear."
  • Fallon: Meaning "descended from a ruler," this boy’s name has the potential to be a popular moniker.
  • Ailbhe: Pronounced "al-va," this name is commonly used for girls, but it was originally a boy’s name.
  • Morrigan: The name of the Celtic goddess of war and fate and means "great queen."
  • Gleason: A boy’s name that means "grey."
  • Neve: Pronounced "neev," this girl’s name means "bright."
  • Cillian: Meaning "little church," this boy’s name is pronounced "kill-ee-uhn."
  • Ownah: Pronounced "oh-nah," this girl's name means "unity."
  • Cayleen: A sweet girl’s name that means "fair"
  • Asthore: This gender-neutral name comes from the Irish term of endearment "a stor" meaning "my treasure."
  • Ruairi: A boy’s name that means "red-haired king" and is pronounced "roar-ree."
  • Aisling: The Irish name for Ashley and is pronounced ASH-lyeen and means "dream" or "vision."
  • Delaney: This gender-neutral name means "dark river."
  • Slaine: Meaning "health" and pronounced "slaw-nyuh," this name works for a boy or a girl.


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