Adorable August-Inspired Baby Names

Celebrate your summer baby with an August-themed moniker!

By: Amanda Mushro
Cute little 18 month old girl is sticking out her tongue on the beach. She is holding her mother's sunglasses in her left hand.


Cute little 18 month old girl is sticking out her tongue on the beach. She is holding her mother's sunglasses in her left hand.

Photo by: FluxFactory


You’ve survived the dreaded summer pregnancy where everything on your felt swollen and hot. The prize at the end — your sweet August baby! Your little one has an exciting birth month. August is the bookend of summer and it’s the perfect time for you to soak up the late summer sun while your baby naps in the shade. According to one study, people born in August tend to consider themselves very lucky. Maybe it’s because they have three birthstones to choose from: peridot, spinel, and sardonyx.

If you have a little one arriving in August, here are 25 August-inspired names for your sweet summer baby.

Leo: If your baby is born between July 23 and August 22, they are a loveable Leo and this name is the perfect fit.

Ari: This Hebrew boy’s name means "lion of god" and a fun play on Leo.

Poppy: This sweet floral name is also the birth flower of August.

Amapola: Love the meaning behind Poppy but not sure if you love the name? Amapola is the Arabic word for poppy and is a sweet girl’s name.

August: One of the most popular baby names for babies born in this month.

Augusta: The female version of August, this girl’s name means great and magnificent.

Valo: This Finnish girl’s name means "eight" and could be a nod to the eighth month of the year.

Peri: A shortened version of Peridot, one of August’s birthstones.

Kaya: A Japanese name that means summer night.

Gladys: Inspired by August’s other birth flower, gladiolus, this vintage name is ready for a comeback.

Ariella: This female name means "lion of god" and yet another Leo inspired name.

Coral: If you love the beach, this girl’s name is a fun celebration of the water and summer months.

Idalia: A Greek name meaning "behold the sun."

Elio: This boy’s name is of Spanish and Italian origin and means "the sun."

Arun: A beautiful boy’s name that means "the sun."

Adara: If your baby is a virgo, this name matches the zodiac sign meaning "virgin."

Genevieve: This beautiful girl's name means "white wave."

Marin: A Latin name meaning "of the sea."

River: This unisex water name is perfect for nature lovers.

Misae: A Native American name that means "born beneath a white-hot sun."

Suma: An English name that means "born in summer."

Cyro: A Greek name that means "sun."

Bay: An English girl’s name for "sea inlet" and sounds like a summer baby name.

Chantara: A Thai name that means "moon water."

Darya: A Persian girl’s name meaning "sea."

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