Chrissy Teigen Recreated TLC’s "Four Weddings" and We Love Her For It

The bride wore a one-of-a-kind D.I.Y. gown crafted from a bath towel.

By: Amanda Mushro

Photo by: Instagram: @ChrissyTeigen

Instagram: @ChrissyTeigen

We all have our favorite shows that we love to binge watch, but it takes a true fan to recreate an entire episode of that show. Enter Chrissy Teigen and her hilarious interpretation of TLC's "Four Weddings." Teigen, who played one of the bride-to-be contestants, used her Instagram story to document every minute of her parody and we have to say, we loved it all.

The mom-of-two had every detail from the show down – from the introduction of the bride to wedding inspiration and the reveal of who wins the dream honeymoon.

Photo by: Instagram: @ChrissyTeigen

Instagram: @ChrissyTeigen

Teigen, who is on vacation with her family in Italy, decided to be the “DIY bride” who was going for a “Rustic Italian” theme, and said she would keep within her “budget”” of $20,00 by making the most of the décor and her gown.

So, what did the bride wear? Her own creation that she made out of a towel and a bottle of silver nail polish. Watch out, Hayley Paige, you might have some completion when it comes to chic, innovative wedding gowns.

“I’ve decided to DIY my own wedding dress,” Teigen said in a video posted to her Instagram story. “Because not only does it personalize the wedding, but also it’s super hard to find towel wedding dresses, so I’m making sure that I jazz it up.”

Photo by: Instagram: @ChrissyTeigen

Instagram: @ChrissyTeigen

While a few fake rain storms threatened Teigen’s big day and she had to be calmed down after a few bridezilla moments, the bride’s “towel gown” looked amazing.

Fans watched as Teigen and Legend said their “I dos” in a sunset ceremony. We’re not sure if this was an actual vow renewal for the couple, but we really hope it was.

Photo by: Instagram: @ChrissyTeigen

Instagram: @ChrissyTeigen

In the end, Teigen felt very confident about her chances of winning the honeymoon.

“Every single thing about my wedding was perfect,” she said. “I know I’m gonna win. It was beautiful, I’m so happy. It was incredible. I know I’m gonna win, I just know it.”

We hope Teigen is taking requests for the next TLC show she recreates. Maybe an episode of "Trading Spaces" or "Dr. Pimple Popper" is coming in the near future?

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