Gift Wrapping Hacks That Will Save You Time — And Your Sanity

Here’s how to gift wrap like a pro!

By: Amanda Mushro

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If you are currently looking at a pile of presents and rolls of wrapping paper and dreading the holiday wrapping you have ahead of you…maybe I can help. While I can’t actually wrap your presents, I can share some pretty creative wrapping hacks that will save you tons of time, leave your wrapped gifts looking amazing, and save your sanity. From small gifts to extra large presents, here are 10 genius gift wrapping hacks.

Personalized Wrapping Paper

If you have multiple kids, choose a different wrapping paper for each child. This will help you stay organized while you are wrapping and laying out the presents. Plus, the different wrapping paper ensures the kids don’t open the wrong gifts. I have three kids, and I’ve always picked a wrapping paper that is their favorite color, has a character that they like on it, or just feels like their personality. If you give the kids stockings, put a scrap of their wrapping paper in the stocking and that’s how they know which presents are theirs.

Lose the Packaging

Before wrapping up toys, take them out of the box and free the toys of any plastic, string, or cardboard packaging. If the toy requires batteries, put them inside the toy before placing the toy back in the box. When little ones open the toys, they can get right to playing instead of fighting with the packaging. Since you’ll toss all of the extra packaging ahead of time, it also means less mess when kids are opening up their presents.

Diagonal Fix

Did you cut the paper too short? Instead of trashing the paper, use this hack. Turn the present so that it sits diagonal to the paper. Next, pull the edges towards the middle of the present to form a triangular flap. To finish, fold and tape the flaps over.

Use a Plastic Tablecloth

For an extra large present, skip the wrapping paper and use a plastic tablecloth instead. You’ll have plenty of colors to choose from and won’t have to use every piece of wrapping paper to get the gift wrapped.

Ribbon as Tape

Running out of tape while wrapping is the worst. However, if you have a ribbon on hand, you can keep wrapping. Just wrap as you usually would and use the ribbon to secure everything as you tie the ribbon into a bow. Not only is it pretty, but you won’t have to stop and run out to get tape.

DIY Gift Bag

Create a gift bag out of your wrapping paper for oddly shaped gifts. Cut a piece of wrapping paper and fold the side in and fold up the bottom. Pop the gift inside and fold down the top for an instant gift bag.

A Touch of Ribbon

An extra wide ribbon can hide jagged edges of wrapping paper and it will leave your gift looking extra fancy.

Find the Right Shape to Use as Your Guide

The easiest packages to wrap are solid rectangles, but that isn’t always the case, especially with toys. If you are wrapping a toy with an open front but the back of the box is solid, flip the toy over and use the back of the box as a guide.

Craft Paper Swap

What can you do if you run out of wrapping paper? If you have a roll of craft paper, you can use it to wrap your gifts and then personalize the paper by letting kids color on the paper or dipping cookie cutters into washable paint and stamping the paper with the cutters.

Recycle Christmas Cards

Skip traditional name cards and instead, use the front of old Christmas cards. Not only is this a beautiful touch, but it’s a great way to reuse old cards.


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