Here’s Why You Should Be Booking Your Fall and Holiday Trips Now

Don’t wait to book your fall trips!

By: Amanda Mushro

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Close up of a young family getting the camping supplies out of the car


Close up of a young family getting the camping supplies out of the car

Photo by: Marko Geber

Marko Geber

With temperatures rising across the country and many schools still getting ready for the return of students, it can be hard to switch our brains to fall and winter. However, if you’re looking to add a fall vacation with your family to the calendar — or you already know that you’ll be traveling for the holidays — there are plenty of reasons why you should start booking those trips now. With the costs of flights and hotels increasing, booking your autumn and winter family getaways now can help your trip be a little easier on your wallet later this year.

Don’t Wait Until October to Book Holiday Flights

You may still have summer on the brain (don’t worry, we do too). However, experts agree it’s time to think turkey and Santa this month, and book your holiday travel today. Airlines will be offering sales throughout the months of August and September to boost last minute summer vacations, and you can benefit by getting a great deal on a flight for October, November, and December. After September, you’ll probably see an increase in fall and holiday travel.

Better Options with Changing Flights

If you have a fear of commitment when it comes to travel, this may help. Since many airlines now have post-pandemic policies that eliminate change fees, you can feel confident booking early and switching flights or airlines if you find a better deal later.

Book Other Must-Haves for Your Trip

In addition to your hotel and flights, you can save by booking other parts of your trip early too. From rental cars and admissions to museums to sightseeing tours and theme parks, booking these aspects of your trip now will help you avoid the last-minute rush and possible price hikes.

Be Flexible with Days

Another benefit of booking fall and winter trips in the summer is you can probably be more flexible with your days. That means you can explore flying out and returning on different days, which could save you hundreds on tickets. Same for hotels — check their websites to see how prices increase and decrease based on the days you arrive and leave. With more flexibility, you can save a lot more.

Add a Buffer Day

With so many flight cancellations and delays, booking early allows you to add in buffer days just in case. It’s heartbreaking to miss a few days — or your entire trip — because of airline issues, but if you book early, you can avoid traveling on the busiest days of the year.

Prices Still Too High? Wait for the New Year

Flight and hotel prices traditionally drop in January and February. If you want a more budget-friendly vacation with your family and the prices for fall seem too high, go on a trip after the new year.

Go Right to the Source

While many sites say they offer the best price on hotels, experts say go right to the source and book your hotel stays directly on the hotel website. This is where you’ll find the best deals and you’ll be able to sign up for their loyalty programs, which can help you earn free stays later. Plus, if you have any issues when you arrive, it’s easier for the hotel to deal with your reservation if you booked with them instead of a third party site.

Check Out Other Ways to Travel

Since you are booking early, you may find that booking a train or a rental car is actually cheaper than booking airfare for your whole family. Depending on your budget and where you are traveling, these options may be a good fit for you and your family.


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