Vintage Baby Names That Need to Make a Comeback

These popular names of the past are unique and deserve a spot on the top baby name lists!

By: Amanda Mushro

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babies in the suit boy and girl twins


babies in the suit boy and girl twins

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If the top baby names lists have you feeling nostalgic for classic names that not every kid on the playground will have, try a blast from the past. These vintage baby names are unique and have so much charm.

When choosing a retro name, look at your own family’s names, surnames, and family history — you may find inspiration for a new-to-you-name.

However, if you’re looking for a classic name to bring to the future, find inspiration with these vintage baby names!

Vintage Girls Names

  • Beatrix: This name is derived from the Latin word Viatrix, meaning "traveler."
  • Olivette: A variation of the girl’s name Olive, this Latin-derived name means "olive tree."
  • Arlene: A name of Gaelic origin, meaning "promise" or "pledge."
  • Nellie: Stems from the Latin name Cornelia and means "sun and light" or "shining light."
  • Della: This name of German origin means "bright and noble."
  • Lena: Comes from the Latin word for "alluring."
  • Mabel: This adorable name means "lovable."
  • Alice: This German girl’s name means "noble and exalted."
  • Colette: This girl’s name is of Greek and French origin, and means "victorious and triumphant."
  • Evangeline: A Greek girl’s name that means "bringing good news."

Vintage Boys Names

  • Wylie: This British boy’s name means "resolute protector."
  • Ellis: An English and Welsh name that means "benevolent."
  • Otis: This name means "wealthy" and is of German origin.
  • Desmond: This Irish surname means "from South Munster."
  • Maxwell: A fun spin on Max, this name means "great spring" or "great stream."
  • Frederick: This is an English form of an Old German name for "peaceful ruler."
  • Emmet: An English boy's name meaning "whole, universal."
  • Theodore: A name of Greek origin that means "gift of God."
  • Chester: This boy’s name is English and means "camp and fortress."
  • Franklin: An English name that means "freeman."

Vintage Gender-Neutral Names

  • Wren: An English name that means "baby bird."
  • Billie: This gender-neutral name means"determination" and "strength."
  • Perry/Perri: This name started as a surname and means "dweller by the pear tree."
  • Blake: An Old English name that means "dark; black; bright; shining."
  • Remy: This English name means "oarsman, rower."
  • Jennings: This British surname means "Little John" and makes a great name for a boy or a girl.
  • Bellemy: A French and Irish baby name that means "good friend."
  • Arden: This name has Celtic origins and means "high."
  • Ira: This Hebrew name means "watchful."
  • Ainsley: This Scottish gender-neutral name means "one’s own meadow."


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