25 Baby Names for Your September Baby

Find inspiration for your September baby’s fall-themed name.

By: Amanda Mushro


Photo by: Westend61


September is the month that wraps up summer and welcomes fall. It’s the season of back to school, and fun fact — it is actually the most popular birth month in the United States! Finding inspiration for your baby’s name can come from many places, but if your bundle of joy is expected to arrive in September, why not let their birth month inspire their name. Here are 25 September-inspired baby names to add to your list.

Cassie: A shortened name for Cassiopeia, a constellation best viewed in late September sky.

Sapphire: This jewel-inspired name is perfect for a September baby because it’s also the month’s birthstone.

Azure: This girl's name is of Latin origin that references a deep blue color and it’s a fun play on sapphire.

Autumn: September marks the end of summer and the start of fall, and this girl’s name is a perfect fit.

Aster: This gender-neutral name is also September’s birth flower and a shortened form of the Greek word for star, asteria.

Cambrie: This girl’s name means "change" in Spanish, and it’s appropriate for the changes that occur in September.

Astraea: For a girl born under the virgo sign, try Astraea. She was the Greek goddess of innocence and purity who became the constellation Virgo.

Aki: A Japanese boy’s name that means born in the autumn.

Hazel: A beautiful girl’s name that is a nod to the many colors of fall.

Tessa: A modern variation on Teresa, which means late summer.

Hazan: A boy's name of Turkish origin that means "autumn."

Maple: This girl's name is of Latin origin that references the tree and fall.

Medi: A Welsh origin boy’s name that means "September."

Knox: Short for Equinox. The autumn equinox takes place in late September.

Amber: This girl's name is of English origin and it’s a nod to the golden colors of fall.

Jora: This Hebrew name can be used for either a boy or a girl and it means "autumn rain."

Cosmas: This name comes from the Old Greek word, "kosmos," which means "order, harmony, beauty, and universe." Saint Cosmas is also the patron saint of pharmacists and feast day is on September 27th.

Patrin: English and means "leaf trail" and it’s a fun spin of autumn inspired names.

Magnolia: A lovely flower name for a girl. Magnolias are popular fall flowers.

Bramley: Since the fall is officially apple season, this English boy’s name refers to an apple.

Arista: A girl’s name that means harvest in Latin.

Orlah: This Irish girl’s name means "golden princess."

Scarlett: With the changing of the leaves, you’ll see plenty of red this fall and this lovely name is a nod to that autumn color.

Glory: This English name means happiness but is also a reference to the morning glory, the second birth flower of September.

Hunter: As fall brings in the hunting season and time spent outdoors, this boy's name is perfect for an outdoorsy family.


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