25 July-Inspired Baby Names

25 names for your sweet summer babe.

By: Amanda Mushro
funny little girl on the beach eating watermelon and making funny face.


funny little girl on the beach eating watermelon and making funny face.

Photo by: stock_colors


Expecting a baby during the month of July? Your little one’s birthday is firmly in the summer, so maybe you’ll have a little baby who loves warm weather, playing in the water, and soaking up the summer sun. Get out the baby sunglasses for your July bundle of joy.

Research even says that your July baby will have a sunny disposition that is inspired by their birth month and grow up to have a positive outlook on life. So, if you’re still looking for a name for your baby, here are 25 monikers that are inspired by the month of July, the summer, and the sun.

Summer: Give your little girl a name that is a nod to the season she was born.

Sommet: A boy’s name with English origins that means "summer settlement."

Leo: If your baby is born between July 23rd and 31st, this adorable name is inspired by one of July's star signs.

Ruby: This name has Latin origins and is also July’s birthstone.

Lilly: An English name that means purity and innocence and is one of July’s birth flowers.

Lark: An American name that means songbird. It’s also a shortened version of July’s second birth flower, larkspur.

Delphine: Keeping up with the flower names, this moniker is inspired by delphinium, which is another name for larkspurs.

Dylan: A boy's name of Welsh origin that means "son of the sea" or "son of the waves."

Idalia: A girl's name of Italian origin that means "behold the sun.:

Cyrus: A boy's name of Persian origin that means "sun."

Suvi: A girl's name of Finnish origin meaning "summer."

Aine: Pronounced "awn-ya," this name is a nod to the Celtic goddess of summer.

Elidi: A girl's name of Greek origin that means "gift of the sun."

Delbert: A boy's name of English origin that means "sunny day."

Elio: A boy's name of Spanish origin that means "the sun."

Vera: This vintage sounding name is the Albanian word for summer.

Soleil: A girl's name of French origin that means "sun."

Ravi: A boy's name of Hindi and Sanskrit origin that means "sun."

Juliet/Juliette: A Latin name that is the feminine form of Julius, for whom the month of July is named.

Kai: Think of the beach everytime you call your little one by the name that means "sea."

Tapan: A Hindi boy’s name that means "bright" or "summer."

Savita: A girl's name of Hindi origin that means "sun."

Calinda: A girl’s name that had double the meaning for July because it means either sun (Sanskrit) or lark (Greek).

Senna: An Arabic girl’s name that means "brightness"

Darya: A Persian girl’s name that means "kingly of the sea."


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