25 June-Inspired Baby Names We Love

Bright and sunny names for your summer baby.

By: Amanda Mushro




If you’re expecting a baby in the month of June, there’s plenty of name inspiration in their birth month. Nod to the first month of summer, the sun, and gorgeous warm weather or pull name inspiration from one of their three birthstones or their traditional birth flower. After all, your June baby is bound to be extra special. In fact, one study shows babies born in June tend to have a sunny disposition!

Here are 25 baby names inspired by the month of June.

June: While this name may seem obvious, we love the vintage feel of June and the nickname Juney.

Pearl: A girl’s name that has Latin origins and is also a nod to June’s birthstone.

Alexander: A Greek boy’s name that means "defending men." It’s also a sweet reference to June’s second birthstone, Alexandrite.

Rose: A lovely flower name that is also June’s birth flower.

Jared: This boy’s name is the Hebrew name for Rose.

Gemma: A girl's name with Italian origins that is a nod to Gemini, June’s star sign.

Beckett: A boy's name of English origin that means "bee hive" or "little brook."

Dylan: If June makes you think of the beach, this Welsh name means "son of the sea."

Kai: A Hawaiian gender-neutral name that means "sea."

Luna: This girl’s name means "moon" and is a reference to June’s third birthstone, the moonstone.

Abbott: Honor Father’s Day and his day with this boy’s Hebrew name that means "father."

Axel: A nod to dad and Father’s Day with this Scandinavian name that means "father of peace."

Eliana: A Greek name meaning "daughter of the sun." A perfect name for a summer baby!

Juno: The Roman goddess who gives her name to the month of June.

Calinda: This Sanskrit name means "sun."

Junia: A girl's name of Greek origin that means "born in June."

Lake: A boy's name of English origin that references the body of water, and would be refreshing for a boy born in June.

Roisin: A girl's name of Irish origin that means "little rose."

Samson: Call him Sam for this Hebrew name that means "sun."

Melina: A Greek name that means "honey" in honor of June’s birth flower, honeysuckle.

Suvi: A girl's name of Finnish origin that means "summer."

Margot: Another birthstone moniker. This French girl’s name means "pearl."

Elio: A boy’s name inspired by the Greek sun god, Helios.

Sia: A name of Scottish and Gaelic descent meaning 'six" for the sixth month of the year.

Arun: A Hindi boy's name meaning "sun."


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