Baby on the Way? These Are the Top Baby Name Trends for 2022

Parents-to-be, here’s some inspiration for your little one's moniker.

By: Amanda Mushro

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Pregnant Woman with Name Tag on Bare Belly


Pregnant Woman with Name Tag on Bare Belly

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If you are expecting a baby in 2022 and you’re still searching for the perfect name for your little one, you’re in luck. Baby naming experts are forecasting all the trends you’ll see and hear next year. According to Nameberry, there are 10 trends parents can expect for baby names in 2022. Parents are finding inspiration in what they are watching on TV, where they want to travel, and a lighter, more playful mood.

  1. Playful Names: First up, expect to see plenty of playful names like Buddy, Cricket, Coco, and Teddy. The experts at Nameberry say that after so many years of serious news stories and life events, parents want to give their kids playful and light-hearted names to reflect the need for more fun in our lives.
  2. Nature-Inspired Names: Next on the list, Escapist Nature Names. "After a long period of closure and confinement, we’re all dreaming about the perfect getaway — whatever that looks like for you. We expect to see beachy baby names get a boost," the naming trend experts at Nameberry predict. So, if you are looking for a nature name, why not try Reef, Capri, Dune, or Ridge.
  3. Bridgerton the Baby: Bridgerton fans, this one's for you. After the success of the first season and the much-anticipated second season, Namberry says we should expect to see names inspired by this series – like Daphne, Hyacinth, Benedict, and Eloise.
  4. Gender-Neutral Boy Names: While many gender-neutral names start at boy names and work for girls, Nameberry said this trend is about to flip. Look for names like Blair, Laurie, Sasha, and Wren.
  5. Hopes and Dreams: During a time of so much uncertainty, parents are going to give their kids names that are inspiring and full of soul. "Spirit and soul names are powerful and evocative, drawing on ancient myths and diverse religious traditions — but with a thoroughly modern twist." Names in this category include Praise, Dream, Revere, Promise, and Shine.
  6. Names that end in S: Changing up the trend of popular names ending in N, R, A, and even O, expect to hear plenty of names ending in S in the newborn nursery. Names like Banks, Wells, Rhodes, and Rivers all work for this trend.
  7. Going Retro: "Retro baby names...conjure up images of simpler, sunnier, more stable times — the idealized 1950s childhood of gingham tablecloths, home-baked cookies and lemonade stands," Nameberry states. Names on this list: Betty, Mae, Victor, and Bobby.
  8. Musical Names: Changing up the regular musical-inspired names for a fresh 2022 spin, names like Calypso, Rhythm, Symphony, and Strummer could be on the rise.
  9. R Names: The most popular letter and sound in baby names next year will be the letter R. Whether the name starts with R or includes the sound, short names with R are totally on trend. Rain, Reeve, Reign, and Rue are great examples.
  10. European Names: Ready to travel and ready to find a name inspired by European countries? Experts say parents will find inspiration in this wanderlust. "Parents searching for unique, yet established names are looking to our European friends for inspiration, seeking out stylish choices that feel fresh and surprising in an American context." Astrid, Eeron, Tova, and Cillian made this list.


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