The Top 10 Baby Name Trends for 2023

A bit of pop culture, short and sweet names, and vintage inspiration — these are the naming trends you’ll hear this year.

By: Amanda Mushro

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Note pad with girls names


Note pad with girls names

Photo by: Peter Dazeley

Peter Dazeley

When it comes to naming babies in 2023, expect to see a shift from traditional names that have topped the popular name lists to a whole new naming vibe. According to baby name experts at Nameberry, there are ten trends that parents will use to choose their perfect baby name this year. These trends are fresh and different, and they range from pulling inspiration from your favorite TV shows, throwbacks to a different decade, and fun spins on nature. So, if you have a little one arriving this year and you still need a name, here’s some inspo.

Names So Out, They are In

Don’t call it a comeback — well actually, it is a comeback. Nameberry expects a hot naming trend to come from names made popular in the '80s. For those of us who were named in the '80s, we are here for it. Here are a few for inspiration: Dallas, Dustin, Solane, and Heather.

Maximalist Names

According to Nameberry, "Opulence, decadence and drama are highly attractive to the new parents of 2023, after years of restraint." Names pulled from myths, legends, and fantasy will be a top trend this year. They expect names like Cleopatra, Draco, Ottoline, and Valerian.

Gilded Names

Shimmery, shiny, medal-inspired names fall into this category. "Parents are actively seeking names that feel bright, luxurious, and optimistic," explains Nameberry. Try Apollo, Goldie, Helios, and Marigold.

Neo-Cowboy Names

With so many cowboy and western-themed shows topping the TV charts, it’s no surprise that cowboy names are popping up on the hottest names list. For your little cowboy, there are plenty of names that fall into this ultra cool and ultra trendy name category. Try these names for this trend: Dutton, Foster, Walker, and Widler.

Traveling Lite Names

Short and sweet international names will be popping up on the playground. "The coolest new cross-cultural names are fresh, funky, and light. Chameleon-like, they travel seamlessly between languages and cultures without feeling too strongly tied to any in particular." Inspired by other countries and cultures, but short and sweet like Esti, Mari, Ravi, and Xavi.

X-tra Names

This naming trend is all about finding the X-factor. Names that start with the letter or include the letter X will be quite popular this year. It’s such a fun trend and perfect for grabbing a personalized sign for their nursery. Maxine, Felix, Bellatrix, and Hendrix are a few X-names.

Adjective Names

This trend is inspired by the celebs who are opting for adjective names. "As modern virtue names, adjectives carry even more punch and power than nouns. They feel more intentional than aspirational — reflecting the shift in mood away from the powerlessness many have felt in recent times, towards a brighter and more determined future." Some trendy adjective names: Lucky, True, Celestial, and Epic.

Grandpa Names for Girls

Another fun spin on vintage names. If it was your grandpa’s name, it could totally work for a little girl. These old man names are now cute and feminine and will be a name trend you’ll hear all year long. Need some ideas? How about Andie, Teddy, Bobbie, and Arlo.

Blue-Green Names

Not only is blue-green showing up in tons of home decor, but it’s also showing up in baby names. Expect this color to be used in nurseries and in and naming. Emerald, Cerulean, Fern, and Forest.

Mix and Match Names

"The parents of 2023 and beyond will start to move away from the overexposed -lynn, -leigh, and -syn style endings that characterized Millennial baby names," predicts Nameberry. "Instead, they’ll draw on a fresher bank of fashionable components to create novel names that still fit current trends." Expect names like Bowyn, Ellowyn, Foxten, and Novarae.


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