25 Baby Names Inspired By the Month of January

Beautiful baby names for the new year and wintery month

By: Amanda Mushro
Mother and child daughter enjoying snowfall, happy family.


Mother and child daughter enjoying snowfall, happy family.

Photo by: Martin Novak

Martin Novak

January ushers in the new year with a wave of hope and excitement. It’s also the first full month of winter where we can expect snowy weather and colder temperatures. If you have a baby that is due in January and you’re still looking for some name inspiration, let the first month of the year inspire you. We’ve rounded up 25 names that are perfect for your wonderful winter baby.


Garnet: The gorgeous dark red birthstone of babies born in January is a creative choice for a January themed name

Carnation: The birth flower of January is a sweet baby name

Capria: A name inspired by Capricon, the zodiac sign of many January babies

Janus: The Roman god of beginnings and endings, whose name inspired January

Jenara: A Latin version of "January"


Apricity: This feminine name means the warmth of the sun in winter

Cherith: This unique Hebrew name means winter stream

Eira: This name is Welsh for snow

Olwen: Means "white footprint"

Lumi: "Snow" in Finnish

Demi: A shorter version of "Demeter," who was the Greek goddess responsible for winter

Caldwell: An Irish name that means "cold spring"

Whittaker: A name that means "from the white fields"

Wren: A winter bird that can lend its name to a boy or a girl

Kari: A gender-neutral name that means covered in snow

New Year-Inspired

Bohdi: This Sanskrit name translated as "enlightenment" or "awakening" and can be the perfect name to welcome in a new year and a new baby

Nova: A Latin-inspired name that means new

Amal: An Arabic name that means hope

Xavier: This boy’s name means "new house"

Dagny: A gender-neutral Scandinavian name that means "new day"

Nadia: this female name means "hope"

Nell: This sweet name means "hopeful and shining one"

Zora: A Serbo-Croatian name that means "dawn"

Beatrice: Means "she who brings happiness"

Neo: A Latin boy’s name that means new


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