Fall-Inspired Baby Names You’ll Love

Autumnal monikers for your little pumpkin!

By: Amanda Mushro

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Cute baby girl on blanket at park on sunny autumn day


Cute baby girl on blanket at park on sunny autumn day

Photo by: LordHenriVoton


As autumn's crisp air rolls in and we are surrounded by hues of amber and gold, it’s easy to see why fall is such a beloved season. If you are getting ready to welcome your own little pumpkin to your growing family, why not use the autumn season as inspiration? Embrace the magic of the fall through these warm and inviting monikers for your baby.

Girl Names

Aluma: This girl’s name is of Hebrew origin and it means "a sheaf of grain at harvest."

Annona: She is the Roman goddess of the grain and works her magic during harvest time.

Autumn: The perfect nod to the season, this feminine name is of Latin origin meaning "fall" or "season of harvest."

Daliah: Daliah was a moon goddess and let people know when it was time to harvest their crops.

Maize: Pronounced as May-zee, this type of crop was harvested by indigenous people in the fall.

Maple: An English name that means "piece of cloth" and is a reminder of the lovely maple leaves in the fall.

Marigold: This floral name is of English descent and refers to the golden flower that blooms in early fall.

Orla: This Irish name means "golden princess" and it’s a lovely choice for a fall baby.

Tess: A shortened version of Theresa that means "to harvest."

Zarina: This girl’s name is Persian for "golden."

Boy Names

Acer: The masculine version of Maple, this unique boy’s name is a fun, fall baby name option.

Archer: This boy’s name means "huntsman" and is a nod to the hunting season of fall.

Cortland: Picking apples is a fall tradition that you’ll want to take part in every year with a baby whose name is inspired by a variety of apples.

Delen: The modern Cornish word for leaf is a fun twist on the name for a fall baby.

Forrest: A name that has been growing in popularity, Forrest is an English name meaning "dweller of the woods."

Hawthorn: A name that is derived from bushes that have a beautiful yellow color in the fall and means "lives where Hawthorne bushes grow."

Jayden: This Hewbrew name means "thankful" and is perfect for a baby born during the Thanksgiving season.

Radley: While originally an English surname, Radley means "red meadow" in Old English.

Rowan: Known as the tree of life, this tree is particularly gorgeous in autumn.

Wheatley: This boy’s name means "wheat meadow" and conjures visions of fall.

Gender-Neutral Names

Aspen: This name is in honor of the Aspen tree that sheds its heart-shaped leaves during the fall months.

Carmine: This name means "crimson" in Old English and is a fun nod to the color of leaves in the fall.

Jora: A Hebrew name that means "autumn rain."

Lennox: Scottish surname that means "place of elms" in Gaelic.

Oakley: A name that means "clearing of oak trees" and can be used for a boy or a girl.

Qui: This unique gender-neutral name comes from the Chinese word for autumn.

Roux: A name of French and Latin roots that means "russet" or "reddish."

Sage: A name inspired by a fragrant herb used a lot during Thanksgiving.

Sorrell: A baby name that originated in France and describes the reddish brown color of the leaves in fall.

Thu: This name is derived from the Vietnamese word for Autumn.


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