Target’s New Breastfeeding Policy Has Moms Loving the Store Even More

Target knows exactly what moms need.

By: Amanda Mushro

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Photo Taken In Portugal, Elvas


Photo Taken In Portugal, Elvas

Photo by: Paulo Sousa / EyeEm

Paulo Sousa / EyeEm

Breastfeeding moms who love a good Target run now have even more reason to grab their babes and get their shop on.

A Target in Weatherford, Texas posted a statement that was shared in a Facebook group for breastfeeding moms. The message was clear: Target loves moms just as much as moms love Target.

“At Target, you are free to nurse wherever and whenever you would like because at Target, #momsrock,” the sign reads. “But, if you would like a comfy (or more private) spot to nurse or change a diaper, please ask our Fitting Room Attendant about our Nursing Room. A peaceful spot to take a break during your Target run — and it’s even stocked with some free goodies to make you and the baby’s time there even sweeter.”

Photo by: Facebook: Breastfeeding Mama Talk

Facebook: Breastfeeding Mama Talk

The post, which quickly went viral, has already been shared over 52,000 times. As moms cheered this awesome policy, some even shared their own positive experiences while feeding their babies in the store.

“A manager gave me a free water and pretzel when I was nursing a few years ago because she remembered how hungry [breastfeeding] made her,” one Facebook user commented. “I love Target.”

Others shared that while nursing in the store, employees would ask if they needed anything to make them more comfortable. One mom even shared how a Target manager came to her defense when another customer tried to shame her for breastfeeding her baby.

“I had a lady once harass me in the food court at Target,” the mom commented. “She went to get a manager. And the manager ended up asking her to leave and gave me a free drink. I was a new mom with a tongue-tied baby. That simple gesture made my year.”

This breastfeeding-positive policy isn’t limited to just this one Texas store, the company reports. Target is remodeling stores across the country, adding nursing spaces for moms and their babies. So keep an eye out for a nursing room in your local Target!

Considering there are still many stories of moms nursing their babies in public and being shamed by strangers, it’s amazing that the retailer is making this statement so that moms feel comfortable doing what’s best for their baby: feeding them. Target hit the bullseye for breastfeeding moms.