Are You a "Geriatric Millennial?" Here’s Why This Micro-Generation Is Getting a New Name

When you love a good avocado toast and skinny jeans, but you have a soft spot for Nirvana and remember getting your very first email.

By: Amanda Mushro
Curious people looking up


Curious people looking up

Photo by: JGI/Jamie Grill

JGI/Jamie Grill

Depending on who you're talking to or which article you are reading, there has always been a confusing line of where Gen X stops and Millennials begin. There's a small group that seems to be on both sides of this line, and they never quite fit in either generation. So, it’s about time this micro-generation gets some recognition! Boy, did they ever — even if the name is a bit cringy.

If you were born between 1980 and 1985, congrats! You are officially a "geriatric millennial." Not a fan of the name? Neither are we, but we do like that this group is finally getting some well-deserved attention.

The new name has gained popularity online after being used in a Medium article, written by Erica Dhawan. According to the author, this generation is actually pretty special because they better understand both Gen X and millennials. When it comes to leading, they are the ones that should be in charge.

Because geriatric millennials "are comfortable with both analog and digital forms of communication," Dhawan writes, they are an asset to companies. "They were the first generation to grow up with technology like a PC in their homes," so they are more flexible than other generations.

While terms like "xennials" and the "Oregon Trail Generation" have been tossed around, is it possible that geriatric millennials will be the one to stick? The new moniker may be a bit lackluster, but the memes that have been created are fantastic!

The reason behind this micro-generation's need for attention could actually help this term become official. Since this group "survived DailyBooth, Friendster, and MySpace friendship rankings," yet feel "competent at the thought of creating a TikTok or a Clubhouse panel discussion," they are the leaders companies should be looking to when it comes to making big changes and bridging the gap between generations.

So, who are a few well-known geriatric millennials?

  • Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, born in 1984
  • Beyonce, born in 1981
  • Rent the Runway’s Jennifer Fleiss, born in 1985
  • Kim Kardashain, born in 1980
  • Airbnb’s Brian Chesky, born in 1981


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