How Meghan Markle’s Parents Will Be Involved With Their Wedding Ceremony and How Princess Diana Will Be Honored

More details revealed!

May 04, 2018
By: TLCme

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Now, usually meeting the parents is already a big deal and you have the highest hopes that everything goes swimmingly and you don't end up in a situation like Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents. Now imagine all the anxiety of your typical meet-the-parents situation, but add in marrying into a the Royal family and your father meeting your husband-to-be and in-laws just a week before the grand ceremony is to take place, oh and the world basically watching your every big deal right?

As more details unfold by the day, Kensington Palace announced on Friday that Thomas Markle and Doria Ragland will arrive in the U.K. the week of the wedding, which takes place on May 19th. During their trip to Windsor Ms. Ragland and Mr. Markle will spend time with: Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, Prince William, and Duchess Kate...I hope they have some great outfits planned, I wouldn't know where to start. Kensington Palace said "Prince Harry and Ms. Markle are very much looking forward" to the event.

This will be Meghan's father's first time meeting Prince Harry, while her mother has spent some time with him. Meghan's father will walk her down the aisle. According to CNN Meghan has chosen to not have a maid of honor, due to having a close knit group of friends and not wanting to chose one over the other. CNN also reports that Prince Harry will be involving his late mother and beloved Princess of the People, Princess Diana by inviting "the three siblings of Princess Diana, who died two decades ago in a car accident, have been invited. Her older sister, Lady Jane Fellowes, will give a reading."

The couple will not depart for their honeymoon immediately after the wedding. Location has not been disclosed.

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