Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding Guest List Just Got Much Bigger In the Best Way

This is so special!

March 02, 2018
By: TLCme

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When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement at the end of last year they indicated that they wanted to make the public feel as much a part of their day as they could. We already know their special day, May 19th, includes a carriage ride through the streets of Windsor; but Kensington Palace has announced that over 2500 members of the public will be invited to Windsor Castle to watch the bride and groom commit the rest of their lives to one another -- get your fancy hat ready!

1200 people will be selected by Lord Lieutenants from all over the UK - the couple wishes to include young people who have shown strong leadership in their communities. Additionally 200 people from the castle grounds and various charities the couple supports.

100 students for local schools will also be in attendance as well as 530 members from the Royal Household and Crown Estate.

So maybe an invite is looking more promising than it once did! Perhaps they'd want to invite a certain someone writing this article!?! I'll keep checking the mail.

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