I Tried the 5 Most Popular Diaper Brands — Here’s What I Thought of Each One

Because finding the perfect diaper for your little one is essential.

June 26, 2023

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Photo by: Sarah Monte

Sarah Monte

When I was 8 months pregnant and planning for my baby’s arrival, I found myself eyeballing a long list of products to buy. While there were some items that were easy to purchase, like a diaper pail and onesies, other items required endless research.

I wasn’t sure what diaper brand to go with, but I knew I wanted one that was non-toxic, organic, soft, and very absorbent. In an effort to find the right diaper brand for my baby, I ordered the five most popular brands on the market and tried them out during the first few months of my baby’s life. Here’s what I thought of each one.


What made me the most excited to try Kudos diapers was their claim that they’re the first disposable diapers to have 100% cotton material touching the baby’s skin. I wanted to avoid plastic as much as possible when it came to diaper selection, since friends told me about how that material irritated their babies’ skin.

Photo by: Courtesy of Jen Glantz

Courtesy of Jen Glantz

What I loved:

The more I researched Kudos diapers, the more I was impressed by how well made they are. They aren’t made like most diapers out there (their production process doesn’t use any water, chemicals, or heat) and that was appealing to me.

Plus, the 100% cotton breathable material made this diaper softer than most of the others that I tried. I found they were very absorbent and my baby could wear them for four to five hours without any leaks.

I changed quite a few very full diapers in the week that I tried this brand, and not once did even a drop of urine leak out the sides or back of the diaper.

What I Didn’t Love:

As my baby grew, I found the sizing to be a bit tough to nail down. These diapers are long, but not very wide. My baby had two to three weeks where she was too big for the size one diaper and too small for the size two diaper. Because of this, we had to use a different diaper brand during this time.


When I was pregnant, a lot of my friends gifted me Coterie diapers. I heard them call it a luxurious and high-end brand, words I never thought I’d hear when describing diapers.

Coterie claims their diapers are as soft as cashmere and are designed for better (and longer) sleep.

Even though these diapers are a bit more expensive than any of the other brands I tried, I was eager to test them out.

Photo by: Courtesy of Jen Glantz

Courtesy of Jen Glantz

What I liked:

It’s hard to compare Coterie diapers to any other brand because the product itself feels like a piece of clothing more than just a diaper. When I put one on my baby, I could tell she was instantly comfortable. The material felt soft and it did feel a bit luxurious.

Out of all the diapers, this one lasted the longest without any leakage. Coterie claims their diapers have a proprietary core that holds up to 70% more than any other brand. They also have an extra-wide back panel to help limit leaks even more.

This became the only diaper I trusted for night time. There could have been many factors to this, but when we started using these diapers, my baby slept seven to eight hours at night.

What I Didn’t Like:

The main downside of this diaper brand was the price. It costs about $0.60-$0.75 a diaper, depending on the bundle you buy on their website. Since we go through a lot of diapers with our baby, I wanted to keep the pricing down to $0.50-$0.60 a diaper. I decided that I’d stock up on Coterie, but only use the diapers at night or for longer adventures where we’d be away from the house.


Since most of the diaper brands I tried were made from cotton, I wanted to test out a brand that used a different material. I picked Dyper because the diapers are made from bamboo and don’t use any phthalates, prints, or perfumes. Plus, if you want a brand that cares about sustainability, Dyper offers a service where you can send used diapers away for composting.

Photo by: Courtesy of Jen Glantz

Courtesy of Jen Glantz

What I Liked:

The diapers felt soft and they were wider than a lot of the other diaper brands that we tried. I noticed this brand fit my baby longer, when she was in between sizes with other brands.

What I Didn’t Like:

I did notice that these diapers absorbed a lot of moisture fast, but I needed to change her more often. Like most other diapers, there’s a line that indicates how wet the diaper is and I found that this one showed blue — which means the diaper is soiled — quicker than other brands did.

Hello Bello

One of the first things that made me want to try out Hello Bello diapers were the super funky prints they offered. While the other diaper brands I tried were mostly plain in color (usually white) with minimal patterns, Hello Bello stood out because their diapers had such fun designs.

These diapers are hypoallergenic, elemental chlorine free, and instead of using a plastic liner, they use a plant derived one. I bought a pack of diapers with watermelons on them and tested them out for a week.

Photo by: Courtesy of Jen Glantz

Courtesy of Jen Glantz

What I loved:

While the diaper design didn’t have any functional purpose, it was entertaining and a nice change compared to the other diapers that were mostly white. I thought the watermelon pattern was playful and brought a smile to my face throughout the day.

I also noticed that these diapers were very soft and stretchy. They didn’t feel too snug on my baby and she seemed to be comfortable when wearing them for two to three hours at a time.

What I Didn’t Love:

While these diapers worked well for quick changes throughout the day, they didn’t seem to hold up over longer stretches of time. My baby leaked through the diapers twice in a week — once during the day when she wore the diaper for four hours and once at night when she wore it for five hours. I ended up keeping a handful of these diapers in my diaper bag for on-the-go changes, when I knew we’d need something to hold us over before coming home for a full outfit and diaper change.


The final diaper brand I tried out is currently the only EWG verified diaper on the market, which means that the brand meets strict standards when it comes to being chemical free and fully transparent with ingredients.

Photo by: Courtesy of Jen Glantz

Courtesy of Jen Glantz

What I liked:

The brand felt like it truly cared about making a diaper that wasn’t toxic, yet still absorbent. The diapers felt very soft and I also liked how the diaper packaging wasn’t plastic, but instead paper.

What I Didn’t Like:

Most other diapers have a wetness indicator, but this one doesn’t so I found myself changing the diaper more often than usual because I didn’t know if it was full or not.


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