Gift Mom a Good Night's Sleep These Cozy Mother's Day Presents

From a relaxing bathtime set to silk pajamas, here’s everything she’ll need to catch some z’s.

April 29, 2024
Portrait of a beautiful Asian woman smiling and stretching after waking up in the morning


Portrait of a beautiful Asian woman smiling and stretching after waking up in the morning

Photo by: RgStudio


Flowers are nice and so is breakfast in bed, but there is one thing all moms can agree on wanting this Mother's Day — more sleep. No matter the stage of motherhood, from sleepless nights with a baby to worrying about teens, moms lose sleep. Give them a much-needed respite with these ten amazing gifts that promote restful sleep!

Weighted Sleep Mask

This weighted sleep mask is the perfect item to help mom slide into slumber. No annoying straps or velcro — This mask is meant to lightly put pressure on the points that need it, whether you’re face up or you're a side sleeper. Pop the mask in the freezer to help ease headaches and inflammation while you rest.

Sleep Essential Oil

Sometimes essential oils help with sleep when you put them on your pulse points. The cheeky message on this one, "Babygirl, Go to Sleep," makes it extra fun. A blend of Ylang Ylang and Lavender will help mom drift into dreamland.

True Temp Sheet Set

Mom may sleep hot or mom may sleep cold, but these sheets will help her sleep just right. The sheet set comes with a fitted sheet, top sheet, and two pillow cases (in a variety of sizes and colors). The sheets are designed to absorb excess heat ,so she won’t overheat in the night or add extra warmth if she’s shivering. In other words, it helps find the perfect temp for a great night's sleep.

Belly Bandit Side Sleeper Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

The moms who often have the most trouble sleeping? The moms-to-be. Pregnancy can wreak havoc on sleep because it can be nearly impossible to get comfortable. Enter this wedge pregnancy pillow, perfect for side sleeping pregnant moms. The adjustable pillow provides great support for both the belly and the back to make sleeping for two a little easier.

Honeywell DreamWeaver Sleep Fan

This bedside fan is more than just a fan. It’s designed to improve your sleep. This fan has three speed options with oscillation, and it also emits pink noise (a softer version of white noise). There are shutters to close the fan part for colder nights and a USB port for charging devices overnight.

Dr. Teals Soothe and Sleep Set

Sometimes a hot bath or shower can help mom ease the tensions of the day and promote better sleep. This set from Dr. Teal’s has everything you need to do that — lavender-scented epsom salt for achy muscles, a foaming bath soap, body wash, and a lavender pillow spray. Let mom relax the day away!

EarthFoam Mattress Topper

A good mattress is key to a restful sleep without cricks in the neck or lower back pain. If a new mattress isn’t in the cards, this mattress topper can do the trick. This topper keeps the firmness you need for support, but also provides a nice cloud of comfort to promote cozy sleep.


Sometimes the key to good sleep is knowing what causes you to have bad sleep! This wearable device shows how much sleep and what kind of sleep you are getting, along with other metrics like strain and recovery. It offers valuable insights that may just help mom get more consistent rest.

Fisher’s Finery 100% Mulberry Silk Pajamas

If you’re going to get mom nice pajamas, you’ll want them to be cute and functional. These 100% silk pajamas are soft, breathable, sustainable, and come in enough colors to fit any mom’s style. They also arrive in a gift box, so there’s little to do to present mom with a great gift.

Overnight Mask

Moms are busy, so any products that can work hard for her are welcome. This black tea firming mask from Fresh is the perfect thing for her to apply before bed. Overnight, it will work on firming and moisturizing the skin, so she’ll wake up fresh and ready to go.


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