This Brilliant Hack Turns a Holiday Cookie Cutter into Baby Yoda

You don’t even need Jedi powers for this hack.

By: Amanda Mushro

One look at these Baby Yoda cookies and you’ll be thinking “cute these cookies are!” You may also be wondering how you can get them into your kitchen this holiday season. Well “Star Wars” fans, there’s a hack for it!

Baby Yoda, as “Star Wars” fans have dubbed the newly introduced “Mandalorian” character, has inspired countless memes online and an array of knockoff merch. While pre-orders for official Baby Yoda toys and gear have just started, many are looking for a way to get a little Baby Yoda into their holiday celebration.

Thanks to one creative baker, you may have everything you need in your kitchen to make your very own Baby Yoda cookies.

Seattle baker Katy Atakturk shared her sweet hack on social media. She started with an angel cookie cutter, which can be easy to find around the holidays, and removed the angel’s head. Sorry, angel, but it’s for a greater good. Next, the angel’s wings become the perfect Baby Yoda ears, and Atakturk added green, black, white and brown icing as finishes. And just like that, the Baby Yoda cookie was born, and the internet rejoiced!

Since sharing her hack, many “Star Wars” fans headed into their own kitchens to whip up a batch of Baby Yoda cookies and the results have been both adorable and hilarious. See some of the creations below:

While we expect there to be a rise in angel cookie-cutter sales this year and plenty of “Yoda-speak” happening in kitchens, rest assured, you won’t need any Jedi powers to pull these cookies off—just a baking timer to make sure they don’t end up on the dark side.

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