Why the Cubo Ai Is the Ultimate Monitoring System for Babies and Toddlers

This system is mom-approved and a total game changer.

August 01, 2022

My husband and I thought we were done with baby monitors. Our toddler, after all, is in a real kid bed. Essentially, he’s free — to go to the restroom at night, to get water for himself, or more realistically, to crawl into our bed at 3 a.m. and whine about the lack of apple juice, being grumpy and sleepy, or how he misses some toy we got rid of three months ago (which he does with stunning regularity).

But we were wrong about not needing a monitor for a three-year-old. After all, we call our son "The Velociraptor" — he can unlock doors and windows like a heist film protagonist (I blame it on a cleverly-designed Melissa and Doug latches board he got at age one). We’ve caught him pulling a chair from the dining room all the way to the front door, climbing on it, and opening the baby safety lock on our front door.

That's what led us to get the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor. Simply align your Cubo Ai with where you want to monitor your kiddos, day or night, dragging the security perimeter with your fingers on the smartphone. Creating that kind of security zone in your house is called geofencing. You can put your monitor on your danger zone, whether that’s the front door or the kitchen, and your smartphone will alert you when your kid has entered that area so you can wake up and stop him from bolting through the front door.

The Cubo Ai also pairs with smart home devices for these alerts. The app will tell us how much sleep our kiddo got, since he’ll be grumpy at school if he ended up playing with toys on his floor while we were snoozing and didn't get enough hours.

This monitor is also useful for little littles. It measures temperature and humidity, meaning you don’t have to order a separate device to make sure your humidifier and thermostat are working. It also alerts you when a baby is crying, has her face covered, or has rolled onto her tummy using a sleep sensor pad and micro-motion detection. For the super nerds who love analytics, you also get sleep diagnostics reports, telling you things like the number of wakeups the kiddo had (lately, too many for us as ours is requesting milk and apple juice and even waffles at night!).

The Cubo Ai Plus also takes cute photos, employing the best resolution I've seen on a baby monitor (knocks our fuzzy Infant Optics monitor that we got only three years ago out of the water). When you wake in the morning, you’ll see not only all the diagnostics but also a feed that you can scroll through with some pretty sweet photos of your kiddo. However, you do need to make sure that your WiFi is decent since you’ll need to access it to use the app.

Overall, the Cubo Ai Plus is a pretty cool tool for a generation bred on SEO, Google Analytics, mobile apps, and all kinds of diagnostic tools. For traditionalists like me, Cubo Ai even does lullabies and has a night light. The couple who invented it are smart parents who anticipated a lot of parental desires these days, and we certainly appreciate it.


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