Why Every Parent Needs a Kibou Diaper Fanny Pack

Fo a diaper bag that does it all, Kibou is the one for you.

June 28, 2022

Photo by: Kibou


I’m a maximalist prepper who likes to be ready for every possible kid emergency, so letting go of my trusty Jujube Diaper Backpack was hard. With its endless organizational pockets, I was ready for every cut, bruise, and accident. Even before I had kids, I’d gaze in envy at carefree gals toting minimalist clutches, my giant shoulder bag with an extra pair of flats weighing down my shoulder.

Since becoming a mom, it’s harder than ever to travel light. I really need to lessen the load when I hit the park with my toddler son, who still needs a Pull-Up, but wants to bring more park toys than ever. Dump trucks, sand toys, and snacks are my priority now, not diapers.

Photo by: Kibou


I wish I’d found the Kibou Diaper Bag earlier. It’s a fanny pack I can strap over my shoulder or around my waist. I can also flip it to my back when I run with my jogging stroller. I only need to tuck one or two Pull-Ups (or a Pull-Up and a pair of Captain America undies, if I'm feeling brave) inside, and there’s a built-in, removable changing pad folded into the back pocket.

The Kibou is sturdy and well-constructed (these zippers are really high-quality!), easy to clean, surprisingly high-volume for how sleek it is, and size-inclusive. The belt fits waist sizes of extra small to large, extending from 33 inches to 49 inches. This year, Kibou will add a range of sizes from 3XS to 4XL.

Obviously, this was made by moms, I said to myself. And it was. Two Brooklyn moms who met in a baby music class, natch. CEO Nell Shapiro and COO Stephanie Merks are the genius mom brains who invented the perfect minimalist diaper bag. Like me, they were tired of giant, clunky diaper bags and created Kibou when their two boys were six months old — so yes, you can use it with an infant and be prepared for the day.

Photo by: Kibou


  • Your main pocket holds diapers, keys, a pacifier, a bottle, and snacks. Your milk will stay cool in there too.
  • Skip the wet-dry bag. The waterproof top pocket holds wipes and dirty diapers or undies.
  • Your front pocket is the command station for your phone, cards, and cash.
  • The aforementioned changing pad is in the back pocket — and it's thin and unfolds.

Plus, it's so cute. My olive green vegan leather fanny pack helps me stay true to my #sustainabilitygoals, since I'm already adding too many diapers to the landfill. And 1% of every sale goes to moms and kids affected by incarceration, through Hour Children.

Photo by: Kibou


#MomLife is so super active. I am on the go with my son, biking around the neighborhood, driving to the museum, and hitting the beach during the summer. The compact Kibou rocks for bike rides, museums, urban strolls, wagon pulls, park days, and beach picnics.

Climbing up the playground, chasing my son who's trying to dangle over a wall is much easier with the Kibou, which I don't have to take off and on. That's why it's called the Kibou — "keep it by you." And with such cute colors, like a burnt sienna brown and a blushy pink, it’s fun to wear even when you’re not momming around town, so it won’t age out when your kiddo’s out of diapers. Maybe I’m a minimalist after all.


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