March-Inspired Baby Names

Strong, sweet, fresh, and new, you’ll love these March baby names!

By: Amanda Mushro

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Newborn baby with artistic beautiful flowers.


Newborn baby with artistic beautiful flowers.

Photo by: M Swiet Productions

M Swiet Productions

March is the month that comes in like a lion and out like a lamb; a month of shedding winter and looking ahead to the sunshine and warmer weather of the new season. Babies born in this month will be welcomed to the world with the gorgeous color palette of spring flowers — some that inspired names on this list — and the lush greens of St. Patrick’s Day.

If you're expecting a baby in March, here are 25 names that are inspired by this amazing month of new seasons and new beginnings.

Daffodil: The birth flower of March means new beginnings and prosperity, and it makes a fun flower-inspired name for your baby.

Patrick: In honor of St. Patrick's Day, this English name means "nobleman."

Clover: For a girl born in the March near St. Patrick’s day, Clover would be a lovely name.

Marina: March's birthstone is aquamarine, and Marina is a nod to the blue and green stone.

Aries: This Latin boy name is one of the zodiac signs for March babies, but it could also work as a gender-neutral name.

Marzo: A male name of Spanish origin that means "March."

Aviv: This Hebrew boy name means springtime and renewal.

Aviva: This lovely Hebrew girl name means springtime or innocence.

Bradwell: There’s an English origin for this male name that means "from the broad spring."

Kelby: A female name of Gaelic origin that means "spring."

Devin: March 21 is World Poetry Day and this Irish name means "poet."

Thalia: This name of Greek origin means "to flourish" and is a nod to the springtime flowers.

Chloe: This name means young green "shoot on a plant" or "flower."

Felicity: The luck of the Irish or just lucky to be born in this Month, Felicity means "lucky or fortunate."

Mars: This French boy's name means "March" and it’s a nod to the Roman God.

Midori: Feeling inspired by the colors of March? This Japanese name means "green."

Willow: A tree that blooms in March and is known to withstand the unpredictable spring weather.

Iris: A beautiful flower that blooms in March — and it also makes for an adorable girl name.

Miya: This Japanese name for a girl means "three arrows" and it’s a perfect nod to the third month of the year.

Lahela: If you’re due at the end of March, consider this Hawaiian girl name that means "lamb."

Atwell: An English name that means "lives by the spring."

Asher: This name means "happy, blessed, and lucky" and it has Hebrew origins.


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