5 Genius Ways to Keep the Spirit of Christmas Alive for Older Kids

Here's how to keep the season merry and bright for our big kids.

By: Amanda Mushro

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A teenage girl of African descent is in her home at Christmas time. She is laughing while wearing a santa hat.


A teenage girl of African descent is in her home at Christmas time. She is laughing while wearing a santa hat.

Photo by: FatCamera


There really is something magical about seeing your little ones excited over Christmas. However, over time, their toys lists turn into tech lists, and they become less excited about visits from Santa and putting up Christmas lights all over your home. While this is just a part of kids growing up, it doesn't mean we have to let go of the magic of Christmas. It just means we have to make some changes during the holidays for our older kids. If you need some inspiration on how to keep the excitement of Christmas going for teens and tweens, here are five ways you can make their season brighter!

Pass the Santa Hat

Older kids can help carry on the festive holiday traditions for younger siblings or relatives, and you’ll see that magic happening all over again. This may mean letting them take over Elf on the Shelf duties, organizing a holiday cookie baking session, or letting them choose how to decorate the tree. Now is the time to hand over the holiday reigns to your older kids and let them use their creativity and holiday excitement to help make the season special for everyone.

A Season of Giving

When our kids are young, the holiday season can seem like an endless supply of toys and treats just for them. However, even from an early age, we can help our kids see the importance in giving back and helping others during the holiday season. Encouraging your older kids to volunteer their time or to find charities to make donations to is a great way to show them that meaning of Christmas is more than a pile of toys under the tree.

Surprises Under the Tree

Just because they know who is behind the presents on Christmas morning doesn't mean they can’t feel the anticipation of opening up gifts. Of course, they will probably tell you all the things they want, but be sure to keep some of the magic by surprising them with a couple off-list items you know they will love. Afterall, who doesn’t love a surprise on Christmas?

Create New Traditions

Maybe your older kids have outgrown some of the traditions they loved when they were little, but there are still plenty of ways to celebrate the season. So, take a look at your holiday traditions and ask your older kids what they would like to do during the holidays. This might mean it’s time to make a few changes to old traditions or it could be an opportunity to add brand-new traditions to your holiday rotation. Being flexible can make a world of difference in everyone’s holiday spirit. When your kids are little, so much of your holidays rotate around them and their schedule, but as your kids get older, you can add new and exciting traditions.

Set the Christmas Tone

Older kids may not be jumping out of bed to see if Santa arrived, but remember, kids — even big kids — take their cues from us. So, if you are still excited to decorate, bake cookies, watch holiday movies, and plan for Chrsimtas, your older kids will be too. We know that teens and tween may be indifferent at times, but if you're feeling the holiday spirit, they will as well.


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