Adorable April-Inspired Baby Names

Like your baby, April is about new beginnings and exciting adventures.

By: Amanda Mushro
Small cute neborn beautiful baby bathes in warm water with pink flowers and petals in the hands of a caring mother. The concept of baby care and aromatherapy.


Small cute neborn beautiful baby bathes in warm water with pink flowers and petals in the hands of a caring mother. The concept of baby care and aromatherapy.

Photo by: Anastasiia Krivenok

Anastasiia Krivenok

The month of April is filled with sunshine, warmer weather, and spring rain that makes way for the blossoms and lush green of summer. If you’re expecting an April baby, why not pull inspiration from this lovely month? From flower names and monikers that are nods to new beginnings to holidays and fresh picks for boys and girls, here are 25 baby names inspired by the month of April.

Raine/Reign: April showers inspire this popular gender-neutral name.

Daisy: This flower-inspired name is also the birth flower of April.

Avril: A girl's name that means April in French.

Birdie: During April, you’ll hear and see plenty of birds welcoming spring, and this name is a fun spin on it.

Attwell: This unique boy's name means "lives by the spring."

Blossom: Another flower-inspired girl's name that’s a nod to the blooms of spring.

Harper: A nod to the author Harper Lee, who penned "To Kill a Mockingbird." Her birthday was April 28.

Moss: A boy's name of English origin that’s a reference to the green spring colors.

Atherton: An English name for boys that means "from the town by a spring."

Dima: This beautiful girl's name means rain in Arabic.

Jarek: A Polish boy’s name that means spring.

Indra: A girl's name of Hindi and Sanskrit origins that means "possesses rain."

Pascal: A boy's name of French origin that means "Passover" or "Easter."

Claire: A French girl's name that means "bright" and "clear."

Kelda: This girl's name is of Norse origin and means "spring" or "fountain."

Weldon: A boy's name of Old English origin that means "hill near a spring."

Anastasia: A girl’s name that means "resurrection," making it the perfect Easter or spring baby name.

Hyacinth: This Greek origin girl’s name is a reference to the blue flower that blooms in springtime.

Javier: A boy's name of Spanish origin that means "bright."

Violet: A French girl's name that references the lovely spring flower.

Fintan: A Taurus-inspired baby name for your little bull.

Aries: This zodiac-inspired moniker means "ram" and it is a great boy’s name for your Aries baby.

Medini: A Sanskrit girl’s name that means Earth, and April is the month of Earth Day.

Aviv: A Hebrew boy’s name that means springtime.

Loden: An Irish boy’s name that means muted, mossy green color.


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