Is the Sharper Image Revel Airflow Styler the Next Must-Have Hair Tool?

With this multi styling tool, you’re one step closer to a perfect hair day!

May 01, 2024
By: Amanda Mushro

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Photo by: Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

It’s safe to say that I’m easily influenced. After watching dozens of videos where the Dyson Air Wrap leaves women’s hair looking like they just stepped out of the salon, I thought "oh I need this tool immediately." But then, I saw the price and realized a $600 styling tool was not in my budget.

Fortunately, there were plenty of videos of people trying out the Sharper Image Revel Airflow Styler and getting great results without paying the Dyson price.

As someone who frequently uses hot styling tools and struggles with split ends and the damage that heat does to my hair, the Revel immediately grabbed my attention. In contrast to conventional curling irons that use heated plates to clamp down on hair strands, the Revel utilizes hot air, similar to a blow dryer, which blows your hair circular motions to create bouncy and voluminous styles while minimizing the risk of hair damage.

I gave the Revel a try and here's what I found.

What Is the Sharper Image Revel Airflow Styler?

The Sharper Image Revel Airflow Styler 6-in-1 Hair Wrap Styling Tool, is a hair styling device that is designed to give you multiple styling options in a single tool. It features airflow technology that replaces traditional heated plates found in most styling tools. So, it uses a gentle stream of hot air through various attachments to straighten, curl, wave, or volumize your hair without the need for excessive heat or clamping.

Photo by: Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

How Do You Use the Sharper Image Revel Airflow Styler?

I got my hands on the Sharper Image Revel Airflow Styler and my goal was those perfect, effortless hairstyles without breaking a sweat — or breaking my hair. While there is definitely a learning curve with this tool, here’s how it works.

  • Prep Time: First off, wash your hair and give it a good towel dry. You want to get rid of excess moisture — around 80% dry — before styling.
  • Pick Your Attachment: Choose which attachment suits your vibe for the day. There are options for straightening, curling, and waving.
  • Heat It Up: Plug in the base and crank up the heat to your liking. If your hair is on the fine or damaged side, go easy on the temperature. For thicker locks, you may need a bit more heat.
  • Section It Off: Divide your hair into manageable chunks. Clip or tie them up so you can work through each section without getting overwhelmed.
  • Get Stylin': Take a small section of hair and let the wand do its magic. For straightening, run it down the length of your hair. For curling or waving, wrap the section of hair around the attachment and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Repeat and Switch It Up: Keep at it until you've styled your whole head. Feel free to mix and match attachments to get the look you're going for.
  • Final Flair: Add some hairspray or serum to set the style and add that extra shine. Now, you're all set to rock those effortless, selfie-worthy hairstyles!

Photo by: Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Photo by: Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Pros & Cons

What We Like
  1. Style Variety: 6 different styling options in one go — straighten, curl, wave in different ways.
  2. Time Saver: No more juggling between different tools. With everything packed into one, you can speed through your styling routine in no time.
  3. Hair-Friendly: Unlike some other styling tools that can be rough on your locks, this one's got your back with its gentle approach.
  4. User-Friendly: It's designed to be straightforward, so you can dive right in without a fuss.
  5. Great Dupe: There are plenty of air wrap-like stylers on the market and the Revel is a great option.
What We Don't Like
  1. Learning Curve: Getting the hang of all those different styling techniques may take a bit of practice. My advice is to watch several videos of other people using the tools and practice before you head out the door.
  2. Not One-Size-Fits-All: While it's versatile, it may not work the same magic on every hair type.
  3. Price Tag: Even though it’s a less expensive option, It's still an investment. Make sure it's worth the splurge for all those styling options you're getting.

Bottom Line

The Sharper Image Revel Airflow Styler is a versatile hair styling tool that offers six different styling options in one convenient device. After a little practice (and watching plenty of TikToks), it saves me time in the morning and leaves my hair looking amazing! While there is definitely a learning curve, it's a great choice for those looking to streamline their styling routine. It will save you time and give you great results. The Revel's performance and versatility make it a worthwhile investment for getting salon worthy looks at home. Overall, the Sharper Image Revel is a solid choice for anyone seeking a versatile and efficient hair styling solution that won’t break the bank.


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