Is It So Wrong To Put Ketchup On Your Hot Dog: Some Think Yes

Say it ain't so.

July 18, 2018
By: TLCme

Ah yes, hot dogs - a national treasure. At the ballpark, on the beach, at a summer grill out. They are tasty, you can eat them while standing up with ease, they are easy to make and did I mention they are delicious? Personally, I am a huge fan. Now, I've ALWAYS put ketchup and mustard on my hot dog, and dare I say sometimes I only put ketchup on it, while my tastebuds were growing accustomed to the taste of mustard I suppose. I remember very distinctly when I was a kid, one of those memories that for some reason is so clear my dad (I can even remember the tie-dye tank my dad was wearing, he's a cool dad, ya know) saying to me at our Summer Solstice party, "you don't put ketchup on a hot dog." I. was. floored. I couldn't believe this was a thing. How could my condiment of choice get back-burned like that, I would not have it, it's ketchup and mustard for me Pops.

Then much to my surprise, it turns out that my dad was "right" according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Association (which I'm assuming was founded by dads in tie-dye tanks), no one over the age of 18 should do it. AND according to Delish President Barack Obama told the gone-before-his-time Anthony Bourdain that "no-one over 8 should do it."

Consider my mind blown. I thought this was just one of those things my dad was telling me because we were out of ketchup. But it turns out many people believe it to be wrong. Here is what I'll say on the matter, there may be things that divide us, there may be things we can't agree on, but we can all agree that hot dogs are delicious, and whatever condiment you choose, I support -- now have yourself a nice summer.

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