Panettone Is Having a Moment

Enjoy a new take on the Italian sweet bread.

December 20, 2023
By: Cameron Curtis

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Andrei Zonenko

Andrei Zonenko

Even if you haven’t been a fan of the fruit-filled traditional holiday cake in the past, these new versions might have you starting a new tradition.


A modern take on classic panettone, Giada’s De Laurentiis’ version features milk and dark chocolate instead of the usual dried and candied fruits. She partnered with Olivieri 1882, one of the top artisan bakeries in Italy, because their panettone dough has four times more eggs than others on the market, so it’s super moist. It’s also a perfect gift thanks to the custom-designed box that can be re-used.


Williams Sonoma

Take an iconic, year-round Italian dessert and give it a Christmastime twist with this panettone sponge cake. This version is made by Pasticceria Scarpato, one of Italy's premier panettone bakers since 1888. The sourdough cake is layered with sweet mascarpone and Colombian arabica coffee.


Need an option for dietary restrictions or gluten sensitivities? It’s still baked in the traditional way with premium ingredients, including Sicilian pistachios, which are renowned for their exceptional quality and flavor. This gift-ready version comes complete with a jar of pistachio cream.


A perfect choice for budget-conscious consumption or for straight-to-French toast cooking, this is the twentieth year of the TJ’s holiday panettone! It is made in Veneto, Italy with butter, raisins, and candied fruit.


While Panettone translates to "big bread," Pandoro, on the other hand, means "golden bread." Originating in Verona, it’s a star-shaped cake made from eggy dough, baked into an eight-point star that is dusted with powdered sugar. The dough of panettone has a denser consistency compared to airier texture of pandoro. This version from Eataly is made with lievito madre (mother yeast), butter made from Piemontese cream, fresh eggs, and vanilla from Madagascar. If you’re not a fan of fruit or fillings in your holiday cake, this is a great option!


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