I'm The Chef Too! Has the Cutest Baking Kits for Kids

I’ve tried a lot of baking kits and these are my favorite.

June 18, 2024
By: Amanda Mushro

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African American woman with her little daughter with curly fluffy hair having fun and making pastries in the kitchen. Mom and daughter cooking together.


African American woman with her little daughter with curly fluffy hair having fun and making pastries in the kitchen. Mom and daughter cooking together.

Photo by: Valerii Apetroaiei

Valerii Apetroaiei

If you have a little one who wants to help you in the kitchen, but they’re bummed that you’re just making spaghetti again, I’ve got something for them — and for you. Get ready to meet your new sous chefs, courtesy of I'm The Chef Too!.

These STEM-centered baking sets are available on Amazon, and if you've got budding bakers itching to whip up some delicious treats, you're in for a treat yourself. Inside each box, your kids will find almost everything they need to make treats like Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle Cookies or Zombie Brain Bites. While you’ll need just a few items from your own pantry, these baking kits are a great way to entertain your kids in the kitchen (which is perfect this time of year).

My four-year-old son and I tried a few of the kits and here’s our honest — and delicious — review.


What Is I'm The Chef Too!?

Picture this: a collection of baking sets specifically designed to get your kiddos excited about cooking. And as a bonus, each kit has a STEM connection. Not only are these kits great for making yummy treats, but they’re are also educational. Plus, they have adorable themes that your kids will love and all the tools they’ll need to whip up some tasty snacks. It's like having your own mini baking show right in your house!

How Do You Use I'm The Chef Too!?

Each set comes with kid-friendly baking tools like mixing spoons, cookie cutters, and easy-to-follow recipe cards to guide them through the process. The beauty of these baking sets is that they're suitable for a wide range of ages. Younger kids will love getting messy with the dough and decorating cookies, while older ones will want to be more independent as they take charge in the kitchen. According to the brand, these kits are perfect for kids running between 4 and 14 years old. 

My Tips:

  • Make sure you have any extra ingredients on hand BEFORE you start. I made the mistake of not having heavy whipping cream and had a disappointed baker on my hands.
  • Baking with kids can get messy, so don’t expect to have a pristine kitchen during this process!

Here Are a Few of the Kits:

Perfect for the Peppa Pig fans. I made this one with my son and he absolutely loved it.

Another favorite of my little guy. Yes he loves Zombies and Peppa. Kids are wild, right? This one is creepy but in a kid-friendly way.

How cool is this one? It’s a baking activity and a science experiment. 

Adorable and yummy. This one is perfect for kiddos who love sea creatures.

If Candyland is a favorite board game in your house, give this set a try

Obsessed with pancake art? Me too! Enjoy this one anytime of day (not just breakfast).


  • Encourages Creativity & Independence — Your kids will feel like true chefs as they measure, mix, and decorate their creations.
  • Educational — The sets teach valuable skills like following instructions, basic math (hello, measuring cups), and teamwork if you decide to join in on the fun.
  • Variety of Sets Available — Whether your little one is into cupcakes, cookies, or pizza, there's a baking set to suit their culinary interests and the themes are perfect for kids.
  • Great for Bonding — Baking together is a fantastic way to spend quality time as a family and create lasting memories.


  • Some Sets May Require Additional Ingredients — Depending on the recipes included, you may need to stock up on pantry staples like flour, sugar, and eggs before getting started. Plan ahead so you don’t disappoint your tiny chef.
  • Can Get Messy — Let's face it, baking with kids is rarely a clean endeavor. Be prepared for a bit of flour on the floor and icing in unexpected places.

Bottom Line

I'm The Chef Too! baking sets are a fantastic way to ignite your child's passion for cooking and baking. Not only will they have a blast getting creative in the kitchen, but they'll also gain valuable skills and confidence along the way. Plus, who can resist the adorable sight of your little ones proudly sporting their kitchen creations? With I'm The Chef Too!, cooking with kids has never been more fun — or delicious!


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