The Only Sandals Your Little One Will Need This Season

Cute, affordable, and perfect for outdoor adventures!

April 24, 2023

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I've finally found the perfect little kid sandal for water play and hiking in creeks this summer. The Khombu Charlie is my answer to all those $60 designer outdoor sandals. Khombu sandals are $25 cheaper than the outdoor sandals I usually buy for my son, with just as long wear and even more attractive style.

In general, I buy most of my son’s shoes at Famous Footwear, because I find much better selections there for him than when we go to the mall. Shopping for little kids’ shoes that are well-fitting, attractive and quality-made can be really challenging, but I really like the selection of Nike and New Balance shoes that fit my wide-footed son.

You might say, why would I spend even $35, when I can get $5 or $10 little kid sandals on sale? The answer is: quality and use per wear. I’ve been buying the $60 designer outdoor sandals for my toddler son because he wears his sandals down so hard, so it’s important to buy quality ones. It might sound ridiculous to spend $60 on sandals for a three-year-old when he’ll grow out of them so soon, but the price per wear is actually better with these shoes than less expensive ones.

But recently, I discovered a great alternative: these Khombu sandals. They’re $25 less than the ones I usually buy, and they hold up just as well. They can be worn all spring and summer long, and are neutral enough to pair with khakis for my little one. The padded footbed is comfy for long walks through your botanic garden or park, and they’re breathable and drain of water quickly.

I love how these sandals adjust for fit, for quickly-growing little feet. They're adjustable for wide feet, like my son’s little dinosaur pads, with bungee tighteners for different-sized insteps. There’s also an adjustable heel strap if you want to buy it a little early and let your kiddo fully grow into it.

Khombu makes boots, so they really know how to manufacture quality sandals for rough-and-tumble little ones. With a man-made upper and a rubber sole, this sandal can handle climbing on rocks and hiking the trail. I always test the traction, and this one has great traction on its sole.


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