Need a Wow Gift? Get the Step 2 Coaster for the Little Ones in Your Life

Get ready to win the holidays with this gift.

December 15, 2023
By: Amanda Mushro

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Let’s be honest — when buying holiday gifts for kids, we all want to be the one who gives the "Wow!" present. This is the gift that makes kids’ eyes light up with excitement because they want to play with the toy immediately. While bigger isn’t always better, this big toy is definitely a favorite in our home. With the holidays right around the corner, let me give you the inside scoop on a toy that will totally win the award for "wow" gift. It’s the Step2 Coaster and this is one that kids will love and parents will love too.

Get ready for an adventure because kids can have an amusement park inside their home with the Step2 Coaster. This toy is over 9 feet long with an ATV-inspired ride-on car. Kids climb up the steps, get their car ready, and zip down the track. You’ll hear plenty of laughs and giggles as kids play, but they are also developing gross motor skills, balance, and hand-eye coordination.

The track is designed with recessed retainer wells that hold the car until riders are ready to roll. Plus, it’s super durable so no matter how many rides your kids take, the coaster will be around for years to come.

Here are a few reasons why I absolutely love the Step2 Coaster:

  1. It’s both an inside and an outside toy. During the colder months, it’s great to set up the track inside your home so kids can burn off some as they ride down the track and race back up to do it all over again. When the weather warms up, move it outdoors so kids can cruise and race while playing outside. Don’t worry about it getting messy outside because it’s super easy to clean.
  2. The coaster is super easy to set up, so kids can get right to playing and it’s easy to break down and store. When playtime is over, in just a few seconds, you can disassemble the track and store the pieces in a closet or under a bed until kids are ready for another adventure on the coaster.
  3. This is a toy that my four-year-old has been playing with for several years. As a mom whose kids have way too many toys, now I really try to find toys that grow with my kids and only buy toys that I know my kids will play with for more than a season. For over two years, Dylan has been cruising on this coaster and he loves sharing it with his friends.

We’ve found new ways to play with the coaster that tap into my son’s imagination. We’ve set up pillows at the end of the track and let him crash through as he pretends he is a superhero saving the day. We’ve held major races where he rides down the coaster and his brother and sister try to race next to him with their toys. Finally, he loves a "car wash" when the track is outside where he cruises along and ends up in a sprinkler of water. There are so many ways to extend the way you can play with the coaster.

There are several different versions of the coaster, so choose the one that’s right for your kids.

On Amazon you’ll find the original coaster:

On the Step2 website, you’ll find the Extreme Step2 Coaster that is bigger and longer than the standard coaster:

If you have a unicorn fan in your home, this version of the coaster let’s kids cruise along on a unicorn:

If your kids love Paw Patrol, there’s even a version inspired by the pups:

If kids are looking for more speed and adventure, there’s even an extension kit called the Faster and Farther set:

For kids who have a need for speed, the Extreme Coaster is a fun and fast option:

Which coaster is perfect for your kiddo?


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