Hanna Andersson’s New 'Hanna Me Downs' Service Lets You Sell Your Children’s Old Clothes for Cash or Store Credit

Love the brand? Now you can sell the clothes your kids have outgrown.

August 02, 2023
Sign with logo on facade at Hanna Andersson clothing retailer in Broadway Plaza shopping mall in Walnut Creek, California, January 13, 2020. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)


Sign with logo on facade at Hanna Andersson clothing retailer in Broadway Plaza shopping mall in Walnut Creek, California, January 13, 2020. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

Photo by: Smith Collection/Gado

Smith Collection/Gado

By: Amanda Mushro

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If you are a fan of Hanna Andersson clothes for your children, but not a fan of how quickly your kids grow out of their clothes, this new service could be a great resource for you. Known for their bright and bold colors and adorable pajamas, Hanna Andersson has recently started "Hanna Me Downs," a place where parents can sell their kids gently worn clothes.

"Kids are tough on their clothes, from crawling as babies to exploration and play as kids, and it’s typical for childrenswear to be discarded early in its lifecycle contributing to excess waste and landfill," said Aimee Lapic, CEO at Hanna Andersson

Recently, a number of fashion and clothing brands are starting their own resale sites so they can offer secondhand sales to customers. Parents can save money on their future purchases and it’s a great way to help the brands and customers be more sustainable. Instead of the clothes ending up in a landfill, you can help the clothes find a new owner and make some extra money that can go towards updating your kids’ wardrobes.

Photo by: Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson

"We’re basically connecting our customers and sellers, and helping that relationship," Jen Reed, Chief sustainability Officer and Senior Vice-President of Global Sourcing at Hanna Anderson, said in an interview. "There are a lot of Facebook sites and Instagram sites and other platforms where Hanna Andersson is being sold, but this feels to our customer that it’s the Hanna site."

According to the Hanna Andersson website, sellers can choose to be paid in cash or receive a Hanna Andersson gift card to use on future purchases. For sellers who select the gift card option, you’ll get credit for 25% more than the sale price of the resold item, and for those who choose the cash option, you'll receive 70% of the purchase price.

Looking to sell some of your kids' Hanna Andersson clothes? Here’s how it works:

When you log into the Hanna-Me-Downs site as a seller, you’ll get access to brand descriptions, images, fabric details, and size charts. This allows you to list clothes easily and with the details that buyers want to see.

Photo by: Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson

Next, upload your images, select the condition of the items, and choose your prices. Another helpful resource: Hanna Andersson offers price recommendations based on the condition of your clothes. Once the item is purchased, you’ll ship the item to the buyer using a pre-paid USPS label.

This new site has been up and running for a few weeks and you’ll be able to find a wide variety of options and sizes. So, it’s perfect if you are looking to do some back to school shopping for your kids. And if you are cleaning out your kids' closets, now is a great time to offload some of the items your kids have outgrown.

You’ll find items for babies, toddlers, big kids, pets, and adults. So, if you are ready to start shopping, head over to their website.


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