Here’s How To Throw the Best Easter Egg Hunt for Kids of All Ages

From toddlers to teens, here’s how to make your egg hunt a hit.

March 30, 2023
By: Amanda Mushro

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Children having fun on an Easter Egg hunt showing their eggs and carrying easter baskets.


Children having fun on an Easter Egg hunt showing their eggs and carrying easter baskets.

Photo by: Looks Like Me

Looks Like Me

Easter egg hunts are a time-honored tradition and if you’re in charge of the egg hiding this year, we’ve got a few tips to make your hunt the absolute best. After all, it can get tricky when you’ve got kids of different ages or you're working in a limited space. So to ensure that every little bunny at your egg hunt has a blast, here are our favorite ways to master the Easter egg hunt.

Separate the Hunt: For groups of kids that are of different ages, make separate areas for the egg hunt. To avoid having older kids scooping up all the eggs and little ones left with empty baskets, designate different areas for each age group to have their hunt. You can mark off the different areas with rope, cones, or even Easter decorations.

Nighttime Challenge: Change up the regular daytime egg hunt and host the hunt at night. Grab glow-in-the-dark eggs and hide them outside for a little nighttime fun.

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Surprise Inside: If you have bigger prizes or treats to give away, put a piece of paper into a few of the eggs or even a golden ticket. After the hunt, kids can redeem what's written on the paper for a larger surprise.

Personalize Eggs: If you’re planning a hunt for just a few kids, choose special eggs for each child. This way they only grab the eggs meant for them and you can fill their eggs with goodies you know they will love. Each child could find just one color egg or grab eggs with a specific design.

For example, these emoji eggs would be perfect for your tween or tween that loves to text their friends:

Photo Courtesy Amazon

And animal lovers will enjoy finding these cute llamas on Easter:

Photo Courtesy Walmart

Clues Inside: Instead of filling each and every egg with candy, hide clues inside so kids can find the next egg. The final egg will reveal the grand prize.

Ball Pit: Keep little ones entertained by tossing a few eggs into a ball pit. This activity can take place inside or outside, but will make your little egg hunters very happy. This ball pit would work for the Easter egg hunt and is a great place to play when the hunt is over.

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Scavenger Hunt: Rather than kids grabbing as many eggs as they can fit inside their bucket, write up a scavenger hunt list. Use clues like "grab one blue egg that’s hiding near the flowers" or "find a yellow egg where the cars are parked." Kids will have a blast trying to figure out the clues and all the eggs in a different way.

Egg Races: Get adults and kids in on some relay racing fun. From balancing eggs on a spoon to race or creating an obstacle course, there’s plenty of ways to get everyone in on the fun.

Dynamic Duo: Pair older kids with younger kids for the hunt. Then ask the older kids to take selfies with their partner as they hunt for eggs. The older kids will love breaking out their phone and you’ll get cute candids of the day.

Adult Eggs: Make a section of the egg hunt that is only for adults. Fill the adult eggs with mini bottles of wine, gift cards to restaurants, or delicious chocolate they don’t have to share with the kids. This delicious assortment would be perfect for adult Easter eggs.

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