John Stamos Admits “I’ve Cried Most Days” Since Becoming a Dad

Uncle Jesse finds out what it's like to be a dad!

June 13, 2018
By: Amanda Mushro

Usually it's new moms that talk about being extra weepy after bringing their baby home from the hospital. From commercials on TV to hearing my babies coo, I was a sobbing mess for the first year of motherhood. So it's nice to hear that it's not just moms crying tears of joy because new dad John Stamos needs someone to pass the tissues since he's feeling extra emotional these days.

Stamos, who is 54, told People magazine, there has been a lot of crying in his house but not all of it has been from his son, two-month-old William "Billy" Christopher. "I've cried most days; I just stare at him," Stamos said. "It's been beautiful. Every second you pray that you can keep the kid alive. Every day is different; time has become very elusive, stuff just goes by so fast. It's just beautiful."

While Stamos says the baby is a nice mix of both he and his wife Caitlin McHugh, there is one feature he definitely got from his dad. "He has my smirk," Stamos said. "But he only goes into action when I turn off the camera! I'll have to reverse that if he's going to be my son." Smirk or no smirk, Stamos has been filling his Instagram of sweet pictures of him and his baby boy that his followers are loving.

Looking ahead, Stamos already knows there is one event that he will be crying over--his first Father's Day. "I know I'll be crying a lot," he says of this very important holiday. "I've been writing Billy a letter that I'm putting away for him to read when he's 18. I'll probably continue writing that, and I'll certainly try to honor my father."

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