Amazon Mom Favorites of January

Something for everyone — here’s what I bought and loved this past month.

January 31, 2024
By: Amanda Mushro

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Full length of happy mother and son dancing on sofa in living room. Woman and boy enjoying at home. They are in casuals.


Full length of happy mother and son dancing on sofa in living room. Woman and boy enjoying at home. They are in casuals.

Photo by: Morsa Images

Morsa Images

We’re always looking for the best and most useful products for ourselves and our families, and part of my job is trying out and sharing some of my favorites. Now that January is coming to a close, let’s take a look back at what I bought and loved this month. From self care and winter-must haves to a few splurges, here are my favorite products from January.

Epic Light Lip Flip Treatment Balm

If the cold winter months have your lips looking dull and dry, try this lip balm. It’s become a regular part of my skincare routine and I love how it looks under a light lipstick. It’s super hydrating and the natural peptides help to plump and hydrate lips. I wear it all day and also slather it on before bed.

Wellbody Wingspan

If you’ve had more aches and pains and the winter weather isn’t helping, you need to try this massage gun. It’s quickly become my favorite way to release tension in my back and shoulders, and the design of the handles makes it easy to reach places on my back that other massage guns can’t touch. Plus the "heatball" accessory is a great way to relax muscles. It’s lightweight, super quiet, and a must have if your back, neck, legs, and shoulders need some extra attention.

OwletDream Duo Smart Baby Monitor

Peace of mind and extra sleep are so important for new parents. With the Owlet Dream Duo Monitor and Smart Sock, parents get real-time health readings and notifications when their baby needs their attention. You’ll get readings on your baby’s pulse rate, oxygen, and wakings. If any of those readings fall out of the norm, you’ll receive an alarm letting you know. The Smart Sock is the first and only FDA-Cleared smart baby monitor. If you’re expecting a baby, add this one to your registry and if you need a gift for a mom-to-be, the Owlet is the way to go.

Tylenol SmartCheck Digital Ear Scope

It seems like everyone I know is sick this month and if you have a little one who is prone to ear infections, you’ll want to add the Tylenol SmartCheck to your medicine cabinet. If you have the option to meet with a doctor over telehealth, they often can’t treat earaches because they need to actually see inside your child’s ear. However, this device allows you to safely take a video of your child’s inner ear and send it to your doctor. I love that this could save you from having to take your sick child out to the doctor’s office or urgent care. It even allows you to track changes, so you and your child’s doctor have all the info about how their inner ears are looking over a period of days or weeks.

Lily England Curly Hair Brush Set

My daughter has very curly hair and according to her, this is the absolute best brush set for curly and wavy hair. She loves that she can create a slicked back ponytail or get all of the knots out of her freshly washed hair without ripping or pulling her locks. The detangler brush is her favorite, but she said all of the brushes come in handy when she’s styling her hair.

Women’s Winter Coat

Here’s what I was looking for in a winter coat: I needed it to be super warm so when I was outside with my kids, I wouldn’t freeze. I wanted a long coat so I could run to preschool pickup and it would cover most of my outfit (in case I was still wearing pajamas), and I wanted the coat to look good on me, not boxy or unflattering. I ordered this one from Amazon and it exceeded all my expectations. I absolutely love it and I’ve received so many compliments on it. I would suggest sizing up if you plan on wearing sweaters under the coat.

SnowCandy Snowbunny

The month of January meant a lot of snow for us — and a lot of sledding for my kids. For my youngest, the SnowCandy bunny was a fan favorite. It was perfectly sized for him and easy for him to carry (and for me to carry with all of my kids’ stuff when they got tired). We are hoping for a few more snow days, and in the summer, we plan on making this bunny a pool bunny!

Pre-Pasted Toothbrushes

How many times have you walked out of the house with your kids and realized they haven’t brushed their teeth? My four year old panics when he realizes he didn’t brush his teeth and my tween and teen try to cover up their forgotten brushing chore, so I ordered this bag of pre-pasted toothbrushes. I leave some in my car, in my purse, and in the bathroom that is right by the front door. So, anytime someone needs to quickly brush their teeth, they’ve got a brush that already has the toothpaste on it. Genius!

Fabric Shaver

All of my sweaters were beginning to look worn and started pilling. So, I ordered this highly-rated fabric shaver from Amazon and I’m really glad that I did. It works really well and can give your sweaters and pants a quick refresh.

Red Velvet OMG (Ooey Marshmallow Goodness)

And finally, one non-Amazon pick that needs to be shared! I love red velvet anything and in my search for delicious Valentine’s Day snacks, I couldn’t resist this creamy marshmallow treat. I tried to keep it all for myself, but my kids needed a taste too — and they loved it! It’s a delicious cream cheese fluff with chocolate and red velvet cake pieces mixed in. It would be so good on top of cookies, cake, ice cream, or dunked in chocolate. Or you could eat it right out of the containers like I did! Next time, I’m hiding the box when it arrives so I can keep it all for myself.


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