This Humidifier Has Totally Transformed My Skin and Hair

This tiny humidifier is now a permanent fixture on my nightstand.

March 08, 2024
By: Amanda Mushro

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Photo by: Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

During the winter months, the furnace in my home is constantly running, and because of the dry air that it keeps pumping out, my skin and hair looks and feels dry all season long. Even if I’m slathering on plenty of moisturizer before bed, I wake up to my skin feeling dull and dry and my fine lines are more prominent. Talk about needing some better beauty sleep.

After chatting with my dermatologist about my skin looking awful in the winter and to my stylist about my hair feeling like straw in the colder months, they both said I needed a humidifier to put moisture back in my bedroom at night.

I’ve tried a ton of different humidifiers over the years, but mostly to help ease runny noses and dry cough for my kids. So, in my quest to give my skin and hair a little extra self care and ease the dryness that I was feeling in my nose and throat, I ditched the big and bulky humidifiers that I had been using and tried out the Hey Dewy Wellness Humidifier.

After a few nights, I woke up feeling better and my skin and hair looked healthier. This small humidifier has become a permanent fixture on my nightstand and it’s become my best winter accessory.

Keep reading to see my honest review about how this humidifier really does live up to the hype.

What do I need to know about they Hey Dewy Wellness Humidifier?

Here’s the inside scoop on this small but mighty humidifier.

Here’s What I love About This Humidifier

The simple design, inside and out, on the humidifier truly makes it a must. Unlike some humidifiers, there are only two parts to clean and maintain. This means it's ready to run in a few seconds and when it’s time to clean, you don’t need to worry about small parts that can become infested with mold.

I’ve had tons of humidifiers that came in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors. But I love the small footprint of this machine and I adore the simple design that helps it blend into my room instead of standing out.

The Hey Dewy starts working as soon as you plug it in, and the mist quickly adds moisture into the dry air. The machine is really quiet and it even has a soft night light that you can turn on in the evening.

My daughter is a competitive dancer and that means we spend a lot of weekends in hotels. Most mornings, I wake up feeling like a lizard because the air is so dry in a hotel. Last weekend, I took the Hey Dewy with me and it made a world of difference in the humidity in the air. It also helped my daughter, who was feeling under the weather, breathe easier at night. When she woke up in the morning, her throat wasn’t dry and scratchy. Because of the compact size, I just tossed it in my suitcase and plugged it in as soon as we arrived, and when it was time to go, I wiped it down and put it back in my suitcase.

Photo by: Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Where Can You Buy the Hey Dewy Wellness Humidifier?

You can snag yours on Amazon, where you’ll find it in three different colors

How Do You Use the Hey Dewy Wellness Humidifier?

Setting up the Hey Dewy Humidifier could not be easier. Simply take off the lid, fill up the base with water, and be sure to locate the max fill line so that you don’t overfill the base. Put the lid back on, plug it in, and turn it on. In a few seconds, the humidifier is kicking out cool air. Yes, it’s really that easy! Press the on button once for high mist, twice for low mist, and a third time to turn it off. If you hold the button down for three seconds, you can turn on the night light.

Photo by: Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

How Long Does the Hey Dewy Wellness Humidifier Last?

Even though refilling this humidifier is really simple, no one wants to wake up in the middle of the night just to add more water to their humidifier. So, how long does the Hey Dewey Wellness Humidifier last? Well that depends on the mist setting. I’ve found that on high mist, you can expect to refill every 12-14 hours, which isn’t too bad. However, on the low mist setting, you’ll get closer to 24 hours. I prefer the high mist option since the air in my home can be really dry, but filling up the humidifier once a day works for me and has become part of my nighttime routine.

Pros & Cons:

What We Like
  1. Super easy to clean
  2. Simple design makes it easy to use
  3. Small enough that you can take it with your when you travel
  4. Can last up to 24 hours without a refill
  5. Minimalist aesthetic that looks great wherever you put it
What We Don't Like
  1. Not rechargeable and you’ll have to sacrifice a plug on your nightstand
  2. Won’t feel the effects in a large room

Bottom Line

Skip the big and bulky humidifiers and get the Hey Wellness Humidifier instead. Not only can you expect extra moisture in the air that will help ease dry and scratchy throats and stuffy heads and noses, but your skin and hair will thank you. Simple to set up, simple to clean, and surprisingly powerful for its size, the Hey Dewy Wellness Humidifier has earned its spot in my bedroom.

If I could change anything on the machine, it would be the cord. While it’s extra long, all of the outlets are spoken for behind my nightstand and I wish I didn't have to sacrifice one or add a power strip (which I did) to accommodate another plug. Plus, for under $100, it’s worth the money to see my skin and hair look better and I feel better when I wake up.


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