The Best Pregnancy Pillows

Because pregnancy is uncomfortable and mom needs her sleep.

March 11, 2024
By: Amanda Mushro

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Elevated view of Asian Pregnant woman resting in bed. Comfortable sleeping positions during pregnancy. Tiredness and sleep problems during pregnancy.


Elevated view of Asian Pregnant woman resting in bed. Comfortable sleeping positions during pregnancy. Tiredness and sleep problems during pregnancy.

Photo by: Oscar Wong

Oscar Wong

Building a whole person is a lot of work. So at night, you need your rest, but when you’re pregnant it can seem impossible to find a comfortable position. Gone are the days of sleeping on your belly, but side sleeping can hurt your neck, back, hips, or shoulders.

If you need more sleep with less discomfort, it’s time to bring a pregnancy pillow into your bed. However, not all pregnancy pillows are created equal. There are different shapes, sizes, and materials used in the pillows. If you are in your first trimester or your third, here are ten pregnancy pillows that will help you get comfy and get to sleep.

Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow

With over 75,000 reviews on Amazon, this U-shaped body pillow is a fan favorite of expecting moms. This pregnancy pillow has a detachable extension that allows you to change the shape so you find the most comfortable position to sleep, sit up, or relax. It also comes in handy when you are recovering from giving birth or nursing.

Chilling Home Pregnancy Pillow

This C-shaped pillow is also a cooling pillow that will keep your body temperature down at night so you won’t wake up hot and sweaty. Reviews say this cover is soft and the pillow has the perfect amount of fill to support a mom-to-be.

Kӧlbs Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

If a full body pillow isn’t working for you, try a wedge pillow that will give your bump a gentle lift at night. The soft memory foam has two sides with different firmness and can be shifted under your belly so your back will hurt less and you’ll have less swelling in your ankles and legs.

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

This side sleeping pillow helps give stability to your bump and your back. Since side sleeping is recommended for pregnant women, the design of this small pillow helps to keep you from rolling over at night. Also, because of its compact size, your partner won’t be crowded in bed either. This side sleeper pillow is great for travel, too.

Momcozy Pregnancy Pillow

Made with a cozy jersey cover, this J-shaped pillow offers support for your whole body but isn’t as large as other full-body pillows. Shift the pillow between your knees to support your back and hips, or under your legs if you are laying on your back while relaxing.

Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow

Taller moms-to-be will love the extra length on this U-shaped pillow. Get all the support and comfort you need without running out of pillow to wrap around your body.

Frida Mom Pregnancy Pillow

This customizable pillow has a unique design that allows you to create a C, I, L, or U shape. It also features micro-bead filling, which allows heat to pass through and keep you cool and comfortable. With the ability to adjust this pillow for the different stages your pregnancy, it will feel like it was designed for you.

Insen Pregnancy Pillow

This highly-rated C-shaped pillow has a jersey cover that comes in a variety of colors. Reviewers say the pillow does take a few days to fully fluff up, but when it does, it’s very supportive and makes sleeping much easier.

AngQi Pregnancy Pillow

If you love a weighted blanket, you’ll love this pillow. It’s extra filled for a firm support and can really help with restless legs. If you are a hot sleeper, this may not be a great option for you, but if a weighted blanket is a must-have for you, give this pillow a try.

Magic Elephant Pregnancy Pillow

If you find that every night you need a different type of support, the pillow from Magic Elephant could be a good fit for you. Since it's made entirely from dettachable support pillows, you can adjust the shape of your pillow as your body changes or switch up your position easily in the middle of the night.


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