9 Things You Should Never Buy on Black Friday

We love a good deal, but these are the products you should skip on Black Friday.

By: Amanda Mushro

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Man and her dog is relaxing at home and shopping electronics online during Black Friday sale.


Man and her dog is relaxing at home and shopping electronics online during Black Friday sale.

Photo by: ArtistGNDphotography


While Black Friday deals have been popping up online and in stores leading up to the biggest shopping day (or days) of the year, did you know there are a few items that you should actually leave out of your cart? While toys, technology, and gadgets for the kitchen and home will all have slashed prices at your favorite stores, there are a few items that you can hold off on buying because you can find deeper discounts on them during other times of the year.

So, before you start your Black Friday shopping, take these nine items off your list:

Gift Cards

Instead of grabbing a gift card during your Black Friday shopping, experts say you’ll land much better deals in December and even in January. So, leave those purchases until next month and if you can hold off until after the holidays, get the gift cards later.

Bed Linens

If you are hosting friends and family for the holidays, you may feel tempted to freshen up your linens in your bedrooms — but don’t do it just yet. You’ll see better deals on these items in January during White Sales. Skip the sheets, blankets, and pillows until next year.


You’ll see plenty of deals on jewelry during the holidays, but save your money and snag these deals closer to Mother’s Day or Valentine's Day. That’s when retailers are slashing products on shiny and sparkly jewelry. If you plan ahead next year, you can grab these items while they are on sale off-season, and gift them during the holidays next year.

High-End TVs

Instead of grabbing the newest and latest version of a TV, check stores for older models. You’ll find plenty of deals on TV styles that are just a year or two old. That’s because stores are looking to clear out inventory and make room for their big TV sales in January — right before the Super Bowl.

Christmas Decor

The after-season sales are when you can expect deep discounts on lights, trees, ornaments, and decor. However, the items you really want might be gone after the holidays have passed. So, snag the items you really want now and hit up the stores after Christmas to upgrade your holiday decor for next year.

Winter Clothes

If you are looking to freshen up your winter wardrobe, you’ll see better deals on sweaters, coats, and winter boots in January and February. This is when stores are clearing their racks for spring and summer clothes. So, pass on these sales and get a few new pieces after the holidays.


Don’t worry about mattress shopping on Black Friday because you’ll find better prices over the three-day weekend holidays. Hold off until President’s Day, Memorial Day, or Labor Day for a comfy new mattress.


If you need a new oven or fridge, hold off until December because that’s when you’ll see much better deals on major appliances.

Outdoor Appliances and Furniture

You may be dreaming of summer and warmer weather, but now is not the time to buy a grill or outdoor furniture. Instead, wait until September for these deals.


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