This "Ready to Build" Workbench Is Perfect for Little Ones Who Love Construction

They'll spend hours building and fixing!

October 31, 2022

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If your little one wants a workbench this holiday season, the Black+Decker Ready to Build Workbench is a big, exciting gift, especially for toddlers. With a miter saw that spins and makes a sawing noise, and a drill press that actually presses down, this is a wonderful little toy for imaginative play at a very reasonable price.

First, let’s start with the look. If you assemble this on Christmas Eve after the kids have gone to bed, you’ll find that it looks like an actual Black+Decker adult workbench. Orange and black, with a gray platform, it has a peg board with hooks up top for hanging tools and storage trays down below for screws, nails, nuts and wood. The workbench comes with a miter saw, phone drill press, vice, hand saw, screwdriver, hammer, wrench, flashlight, and a few screws, nails, and nuts.

Part of what’s fun about big, tough tools is the noisy sounds and movements they make. For a three-year-old, the beeping and growling of construction trucks is as appealing as the work they do. Your kiddo will love that the major tools on this workbench light up, make sounds, and move, allowing them to feel like they're actually sawing wood or drilling a screw in. Have some AA and AAA batteries on hand or installed, of course, so they can play with those features right away on Christmas morning.

Your tool bench preference depends on your kid’s preference for imaginative play versus actual mechanics, and this one is perfect for imaginative play. Mechanically speaking, it does allow your little one to screw screws into the platform, though they won’t literally saw wood. But when they bring the miter saw down on two pieces of wood held together by Velcro, they'll feel like they're really sawing. If you’re feeling crafty, you can also make more wood with Velcro. We use pieces of play fruit connected by Velcro to saw in half, joking that the tool bench doubles as our kitchen. The platform also allows for free play, with holes that allow them to pretend-hammer in nails, screw-in screws, and saw wood on top of the platform.

The portable flashlight is battery-operated with a flexy neck that can be bent in various angles and positions. Your little one can use it in their tent or under the blankets, in the woods, on a scavenger hunt with you, to shine on a book and hone in on a particular illustration, or of course, propped on their tool bench to light up their heavy-duty work.

Our son is so proud of his workbench and loves to show it to his friends when they come over. He also carries around his saw and screwdriver to fix all our adult furniture around the house (lol). We assembled this on a rainy day when we were stuck inside, and are thrilled our kiddo is absolutely obsessed — especially since it buys us parents peace of mind and precious free time.


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