Pet Lovers Listen Up--Does Your Company Have ‘Paw-Ternity' Leave?

By: Amanda Mushro

If you've been thinking about adding a new pup or even a senior dog to your family, you might be able to get time off work for those early days of transition. Yes, 'paw-ternity' leave is a new trend being offered by some companies so their employees can spend time at home training and bonding with their newest family member or have the option to be home so they can care for their pets when they are sick.

"This is kind of a no-brainer," Allison McMenimen, vice president of a Minneapolis marketing company, told The New York Times . Her company offers "fur-ternity leave" so employees have the option to work from home for a week while caring for new dogs or cats or while their pet is ill or recovering. The company feels since times are changing with attitudes about our fur-babies, companies need to get on board. "The idea of offering benefits that just help keep employees at the office, that's over," McMenimen added.

With doggie-daycares on the rise and many companies adding "bring your dog to work" options as employees perks, it only makes sense that giving staff members the opportunity to work from home to care for their pets would catch on as the latest trend. As an added bonus for companies, studies show accommodating pets and their owners with leave options and allowing pets to join their owners at work can improve company loyalty and entice new recruits.

So what are some other pet perks companies are offering? Options like adding free pet insurance, onsite dog parks, and even bottomless treat jars are making some companies more pet friendly. Turns out, these perks seem to be working because one study found that more than half of Millennial pet owners said they would consider a career change to a more pet-friendly workplace.

Studies have shown that adopting a dog can lengthen your life and you already know how having a four-legged friend as a member of your family brings you endless joy. So with 'paw-ternity- options becoming more popular with companies, now you can be there to care for your fur-baby when they need you the most.