Tattoo Artist In South Korea Will Turn Your Adorable Pet into An Amazing Tat

These tattoos of pets are actually amazing.

March 12, 2018
By: TLCme

Is there anything we love more than our pets? Always there to see you when you get home, there to give you unconditional love and support. Jiran, a tattoo artist based on South Korea knows the feeling which is why she takes your pet and makes them into an adorable tattoo that you can bring with you everywhere you go!

Jiran focuses on the personality of the pet and then applies are cartoon like style to her creations.

The results are bright, colorful and adorable. Not to mention, unique, like this one of a pup who got attacked by a snake and needed to be in a cast!

Or this one that commemorates a special friend who has gone to doggy heaven.

It looks like I'll have to book my travel to Seoul ASAP, these are just too cute!

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