11 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were So Tall

The women of My Giant Life aren't alone in their tall statures. Meet the celebrity women of the 5'10'' and up club, including Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman and more!

July 14, 2015
By: Oliva Frymark

On tonight's premiere of "My Giant Life", viewers will step into the shoes of four women who are tower over the average-sized world. Being extraordinarily taller than most females can be very difficult at times, but these lengthy ladies aren't the only ones with a few extra inches. Did you know some of your favorite A-list women are also living a tall and proud life? Take a look at 12 celebrity ladies who are rocking their style game as a tall girl!

Full disclosure: We didn't measure these celebrities with our own personal tape measure -- the following measurements came straight from Google.

At 5'10'' Blake Lively embraces her height!

The Duchess of Cambridge also stands at 5'10''. Little George and Charlotte should grow up tall and mighty!

Kendall Jenner is making strides as a model at 5'10'' -- nearly 10 inches taller than her oldest half-sister Kourtney.

Tyra flaunts her supermodel size at a long-limbed 5'10''.

Adrianne Palicki stands tall at 5'11''. No wonder she was cast as Wonder Woman!

Nicole Kidman shows us who's boss at 5'11'' and has no problem dating shorter men.

Uma Thurman always shines bright at 5'11''.

Aisha Tyler brings in the laughs at 6'0''.

Who knew this American Idol star was so tall?! Jordin Sparks also stands at 6'0''.

T-Swift's BFF Karlie Kloss rules the runway at 6'1''.

Height came in handy for this Game of Thrones actress! Gwendoline Christie is 6'3''!!

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