This Cool Scented Bottle Helps My Teen Drink More Water

Tricking your nose and drinking more water? Air Up is an interesting teen obsession.

July 09, 2024
By: Amanda Mushro

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In the ever-evolving world of teen obsessions, the latest buzz in my house revolves around Air Up water bottles. If you haven't heard of them yet, buckle up, because these bottles are creating quite a stir. My teen is absolutely smitten and after some investigation, I can see why. Let's dive into the world of Air Up and see what all the hype is about!

How Does the Air Up Water Bottle Work?

The Air Up water bottle is not just another hydration vessel – it's a sensory experience. The magic lies in the concept of "retro nasal smell." Sounds fancy, right? So, what does that mean? Air Up uses scented pods that trick your brain into thinking you're tasting flavors when you’re just drinking plain water. You fill up the bottle with water, pop on a flavored pod and sip away.

Photo by: Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Photo by: Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

As you drink, the air mixes with the scent from the pod, creating the illusion of flavor without any additives or sugars. Your nose and brain work in cahoots to make you think you taste fun flavors when it's actually just pure H20.

According to the brand, the flavor pods are designed to give you a delicious flavor for at least 1.3 gallons of water or seven refills of a 22 oz. bottle. That means if you drink 50 oz. of water per day, a pouch of three pods should last at least 10 days.

First Impressions

When we first got our hands on an Air Up bottle, the sleek design caught our eye. The bottles come in a variety of colors and there are even steel versions (which I'm a fan of). The bottles are compact and easy to carry around. While the price might cause you to do a double take (anywhere between $40-$60), the price for the Air Up falls right around other trendy water bottles.  

Photo by: Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

The pods are sold separately, but you'll get one pack with the bottle. The pods are small and come in a variety of flavors.

Setting it up was a breeze: simply fill the bottle, attach a pod, and sip.

Ready to get your hands on an Air Up? Try these bundles:

Favorite Flavors

Here's where it gets fun: the pods. There are a variety of flavors and this is really where Air Up truly shines. 

Photo by: Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Here are some of my teen's favorites:


  • It's a fantastic way to encourage kids (and adults) to drink more water. 
  • The novelty of the flavors keeps things interesting.
  • It's just water — that means no added sugars or calories.
  • The bottle is also eco-friendly, reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles


  • The pods can be a bit pricey, especially if your teen goes through them quickly. 
  • The flavor experience can be hit or miss. Some pods deliver a strong aroma, while others are more subtle. 

Photo by: Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Bottom Line

So, what's the final verdict? Air Up water bottles have certainly made a splash in our household. My teen is drinking more water than ever before, and I’ve found myself reaching for the bottle just as often. The combination of innovative technology, fun flavors and eco-friendly design makes it a winner in our eyes. While the pods can add up cost-wise, the overall benefits and enjoyment make it worth it.

If you're looking to make hydration more exciting for your teen (or yourself), Air Up is definitely worth a try. It's a fun, novel way to stay hydrated and who knows? You might just find yourself obsessed too.


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