Parenting Win of the Week: The Great Collapsible Water Bottle

Here's an easy solution to the clutter that traditional water bottles create.

October 18, 2021


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Photo by: Yaroslav Litun

Yaroslav Litun

I have a serious problem in my kitchen; maybe you can relate. Our drawer that contains water bottles (and for some of you this may include sippy cups and bottles) is filled to the brim with ones that are either missing straws, missing lids, or have fallen out of favor with my children. But I can't just blame them — my husband and I have plenty of cups scattered in there too.

So, when I was introduced to this new collapsible bottle trend, I was intrigued. If you haven’t seen them, Que and Stojo are my favorite brands. Stojo just came out with a Jr. line with a lot of really functional items. They have collapsible everything, from sandwich boxes and coffee cups (which I use often!) to water bottles. Everything is dishwasher safe and thoughtfully designed. They can hold hot or cold liquids, which is a huge plus. I am hopeful that they will work on a lunchbox next, because that drawer isn’t pretty either!

And it’s not just the drawer that benefits. The earth, of course, also benefits from using a reusable bottle, and my car as well. I am so used to water bottles strewn everywhere, and this one is easy to collapse and throw inside any backpack or purse.

Now, I am not going to pretend that we don’t have plenty of other bottles still taking up space — we do. And it will likely stay that way as there is still a time and place for (some!) of them. But this is a trend I can get on board with and maybe, just maybe, one day it will save my cluttered cabinets!


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