Parenting Win of the Week: Hacks from Mother Could

One mom's passion is now helping so many people navigate parenthood.

Photo by: Courtesy of Myriam

Courtesy of Myriam

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My kids may be a little bit older now, but any mom can relate to that feeling of when you first have kids and everything is new, confusing and honestly, sometimes lonely. That was how Myriam Sandler felt before she started her now very popular website and social media page, Mother Could.

Being the first of her friends to have a kid, she had few places to turn for advice. This was especially hard when her oldest daughter refused to eat solids. Everyone said she’d be fine, but Myriam started to have a hunch that the refusal was texturally related. So, she started to do edible sensory play with her daughter to try and see if that was the issue. Sure enough, she had success — her own parenting win — and she wanted to share it with the world. That’s when she started Mother Could.

Photo by: Courtesy of Myriam

Courtesy of Myriam

She took a small break between her first and second kids and restarted the website in 2019, this time with plenty of sensory play ideas, but also parenting hacks, a few recipes, product recommendations, and other lifestyle content.

Her hope is to come out with a few new products this year as well, like sensory tables or clothing. She’s also launching a YouTube series soon about independent play spaces.

I chatted with Myriam and she shared some of her favorite content with me.

Favorite Kid Activities

  • Homemade Play-Doh: Regardless of their age, kids love play dough and it’s certainly easy to make at home with pantry ingredients you likely already have like flour, salt, oil and food coloring. She has an easy version and a taste-safe version too if you are afraid your kids may put it in their mouth.
  • Kid Shower Paint: When she needs a quick minute to shower or get her kids to shower, she mixes together kids' shower paint - shaving cream, body wash and a few drops of food coloring. Let them go crazy and paint the shower, it all washes off in an instant.
  • Play/Bubble Foam: This simple foam is also easy to clean and so fun to play with. Simply mix water, soap, and food coloring with a hand mixer or to make it taste-safe, use aquafaba (that liquid in canned chickpeas!) instead of soap. Check out her how-to video.

And of course, all moms have hacks that they swear by.

Favorite Hacks

  • White vinegar is the nemesis of slime, for real. We discussed how so many people won’t let slime in the house to begin with but if you do (or your kids play with it elsewhere!), white vinegar is actually the solvent to get slime out. Simply rinse in warm water, spot on the white vinegar and it should come out. If something is deeply colored, you’ll want to try some stain remover afterward.
  • Use a makeup/foundation brush to apply sunscreen to your kid's face. She loves this hack so much she is working on her own version of a sunscreen brush, but if you don’t have one, use a clean foundation brush to get sunscreen on your kid's face. They’ll love the way it feels, you won’t get as messy and you’ll probably get better coverage.


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