This Wagon Is a Game-Changer for My Family of Beach Bums

Meet the perfect summer wagon for all of your family's adventures.

June 07, 2023

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Photo by: Veer


I’ve been a beach bum all my life. We spent two weeks every summer on the coast in a rented house full of family friends, and those are some of my fondest childhood memories. When I became a parent myself, I couldn’t wait to share my love of the beach with my kids. While it fills me with joy to see my boys soaking up the surf and sand, I quickly realized what I was blissfully unaware of as a beach kid — all the STUFF my parents had to schlep. And that includes the small humans themselves.

Enter the Veer XL Cruiser. We loved our UppaBaby Vista stroller (it is still going, 7+ years in!), but taking it from city to beach and returning with fabric seats full of sand was a pain. Plus, there’s nowhere to stash bulky beach gear like chairs and umbrellas. Then, we inherited a red wagon that was so painful to maneuver, we preferred literally carrying our kids over using it.

This is our first summer with the Veer XL Cruiser All-Terrain wagon and let me attest — it is a game-changer. While it is certainly pricey, this wagon maneuvers like a high-quality stroller and isn’t as expensive as many of those. Instead of breaking your arm and back pulling a wagon full of kids, beach chairs, toys, and gear, you push the handle forward like you would a stroller.

$699.00 - $799.00

The XL Cruiser comes equipped with two cup holders for parents and a snack & drink tray for the kiddos. It can be upgraded with other fun accessories.


This misting fan was built for safety with little fingers in mind and fits right in the wagon's snack tray cupholder.

$79.00 - $89.00

This storage basket easily clips on to the Veer wagon and folds up just as smoothly.

It fits up to FOUR children (up to 55 pounds per seat), plus plenty of gear if you install the accessory basket on the back. With just one or two kids on board, there’s plenty of room for gear in the wagon itself.

Photo by: Veer


The Veer XL’s sturdy wheels can smoothly maneuver over all kinds of terrain, even gravel and sand, which we constantly encounter at the beach.

Packing up the car for a beach trip is another obstacle I never stressed about before having kids. Gone are the days of throwing a few swimsuits in a duffel bag and hitting the road. Not only is the Veer XL is super roomy, but it also folds up easily and compactly, making our Tetris game of packing the car much easier. It lays nearly flat in the trunk, taking up far less room than a double stroller.

Photo by: Veer


Photo by: Veer


This wagon is now #1 on our beach packing list!


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