I'm Obsessed with This Bento Box Lunch Set for My Preschooler

Durable, better for the environment, and easy to pack and clean — you’ll love these bento lunch boxes just as much as your kids will!

September 25, 2023
By: Amanda Mushro

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We ditched the traditional lunch box for my preschooler and went with a bento box instead — and honestly — it made lunch more fun for him and packing lunch easier for me. Bento boxes have multiple, small compartments that make them a great option for kids, especially preschoolers. The small compartments allow you to pack a variety of foods for your little one, and my son gets excited picking out what goes inside each one. When he’s excited over what goes into his lunch, I know he’s more likely to actually eat it. Win/win for both of us.

There are so many bento box options to choose from, and I tried a few different styles before opting for Bentgo — which has quickly become my favorite and our go-to lunch box for my preschooler.

Bentgo lunch boxes are made with BPA-free plastic, are leak proof thanks to the extra rubber padding on the sides, are super easy to clean with no small crevices to hide food, and the boxes and accessories come in so many options that kids will love. Plus, you can put the box in the microwave and the dishwasher, making them even more versatile and easy to use.

Also, this style of lunch box is more environmentally friendly because you aren’t using single use plastic bags every time you pack lunch.

Since my son is obsessed with dinosaurs, of course he chose two Bentgo boxes covered with dinosaurs. While we could have made one box work, I like having the option of two boxes if one gets left in the car or at school.

First up is this fun blue version of the dinosaurs. This one is my son’s favorite!

And this dino fossil pattern is another great option for dinosaur fans:

However, there are plenty of other fun patterns to choose from, like mermaids, llamas, nature, and space — and solid colors too. You’ll be able to find a pattern or color that is perfect for your preschooler’s interests.

Like this one that is perfect for a mermaid fan:

How cute is this green and pink rainbow color palette?

Once their lunch is packed inside each of the compartments, your child can drop their box inside a coordinating lunch bag.

While these lunch bags are larger than traditional lunch boxes, I really like that they have a shoulder strap and a handle, so kids can hold the bag in a way that is comfortable for them. Also, the bags are super easy to clean and very durable. The zippers are all very easy for little hands to open and close as well.

Let’s talk about ice packs. If you are constantly searching for an ice pack for your kid’s lunch box and end up with a big and bulky one that is awkward and doesn’t fit, you need the Bentgo ice packs. Not only are they flat so they always fit inside their lunch box, but they also come in adorable shapes that coordinate with their lunch box pattern. I appreciate that with four in a pack, even if I forget to toss the ice pack back into the freezer, I’ll have extras for the next day.

Of course, we have these dinosaur ice packs:

Again, there are a variety of styles to choose from, like these unicorns:

You can also get all of the items in a bundle, like this rocket pattern set:

Finally, we can’t forget the water bottle. There are adorable, coordinating water bottles that match each of the lunch box patterns — and parents will love these water bottles because they are leak proof, easy for little ones to open and close, and since my son has dropped his water bottle roughly a million times, I can say that it’s still in good shape. When packing lunches, you can never have enough quality water bottles.

And let’s not forget, if you are packing your lunch as well, they’ve got options for adults like this salad bowl that I snagged for myself!


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