My Kids (and Me!) Are Obsessed With These New Snack Bars

Only four ingredients and a taste the whole family loves!

April 17, 2024
By: Cameron Curtis

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Photo by: South Forty Snacks

South Forty Snacks

It sounds impossible, but I think we’ve tried every single granola bar on the market. My kids think about snacks the moment we finish a meal. I’m not proud of it, but if keeping them satiated means they’re a little less cranky in the afternoons, then so be it. Thus, our constant quest for healthier options in the snack game. Enter South Forty Snacks, founded by the same duo that pioneered Sahale Snacks, which I see everywhere! I encountered their newest launch at a coffee shop and immediately decided it was a great option for both me and my littles.

The nut bars have only 4 ingredients: nuts (we love the pistachio), glucose syrup, sugar, and honey. While I initially didn’t love the sweetener included, the added sugar content is competitive to what’s on the market right now, it’s just not hidden in a dozen different other ingredients.

Not a pistachio person? They’ve got almost every nut covered: cashew, almond, peanut, pecan and even macadamia and hazelnut. If you’re not a fan of nuts or prefer zero added sugars full stop, they also make 100% fruit bars with no preservatives, concentrates, sugar, or apple juice.

All the nut bars are made in Greece through a family business run by two brothers, who use a cherished recipe that has been passed down through generations. And the tropical fruits in each fruit bar come from over 1,400 smallholder farmers across Ghana and the Ivory Coast where the mango and pineapple are thought to be the best in the world.


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